JW Alive Help for my team

Today there was supposed to be a Diplodocus Strike,have seen 2 alone,both out of range,could you guys recommend what to do? I have only won one epic strike which was a expert one,my best stuff is Indominus rex level 18,Procerathomimus level 14,spinotahraptor level 15, I am aiming for Indominus Rex Gen 2(have 90/150 of its dna , need 60 more) , and Postimetrodon , and I want to try and attempt more epic strikes,any tips where to take my team?

I didn’t see any Diplo towers in range yet, neither have many others. I’m hoping they fix it soon.

As for epic towers which are Advanced and above, I win rarely with my lvl17 to 20 team.
Then again, I use bleeders and renders.

But level is teensy bit important if you’re attempting master towers.
So yeah, I would recommend bleeders like Suchotator, Thyla and maybe Dimodactylus for swap in, and renders like Purutaurus or Carnotarkus.
I use Indom if I want to, to sweep just in case, since most other heavy hitters are no use.
If you’re in epic-legendary stage, this would be useful.
Then again, you have to play it strategically.

Thylacotator and Dimodactylus together can really mess up high HP opponents. You’ll have to watch out though, since a single rampage from the Diplo will take them out. One caveat for this strike in particular though, is it includes Carbonemys. The Indominus would come in handy here, but you’ll have to make sure it doesn’t Dig In if you intend to use a cloaked rampage or something. The Koolasuchus is pretty unremarkable, it just has high HP, so the bleed attacks should be fine there.

On reviewing your post, it seems you’re mostly asking about how to handle epic strikes in the future? I think these suggestions (using bleeders/renders, keeping one heavy hitter as a kind of backup) are good options. As long as you aren’t facing cenozoic tanks, bleeders will be very effective, even if they’re underleveled. They might not be on your arena team, but they’ll be very helpful for strikes when you’re trying to take out much stronger opponents. Start working on Spinotahsuchus as soon as possible since she’s one of the faster bleeding dinos, but definitely work on getting Thylacotator. She’s great, very strong, and only an epic. Suchotator is also one of the easier hybrids to create, so hopefully you can level Thyla fast.

Also strong but not as easy to get, Monostegotops. The armor-piercing stun option available with ceratopsians is a good backup when you need to tank a hit for one of your squishy damage-dealers. They also come with the added benefit of Dig In, which can help you grind down a tough opponent. If you can get another strong ceratopsian more easily, keep it in mind as well. It might be expensive, but you can always work on leveling up an Einiasuchus just for strikes.

Once you get to the point of creating unique dinos, even if they’re all only level 21, things will get much easier. You’ll have more immune options so you can worry less about the debuffs of your enemies, and try to focus on raw damage dealing.

TL;DR, Get Thylacotator(!!!) and team her up with another strong bleeder (or render) like Dimo. Play around with ceratopsians, see if you like their swap-in ability. Get one heavy hitter/chomper who can either finish off or one-hit your stronger opponents.


I am already aiming for Spinotasuchus,infact I have my Spinotahraptor at level 15,only problem is Kaprosuchus,which is still at level 12,the alliance rewards will help me get some more Kaprosuchus,just wondering about it though. Monostegotops is a good but a very far option , as I do not even have a stegoceratops because i never felt the need to,and my monolophosaurus is still level 11,I’ve only been playing for a month or so.

I feel like Brontolasmus completes the job of Monostegotops in my team.

I have not seen Diplodocus Towers in Range sadly,I had lots of plans involving Scaphotator,Dracorex gen 2 for the swap in savagery+ swoop combo and many more rending move combinations,but now it is garbage