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JW Alive Indoraptor Vs Indominus Rex

I am a standard Mid-Game Player,I do not have Indoraptor yet ,my Indominus Rex is Level 18,and I plan to later on get one,but I am curious to know if the Indoraptor is worth it,it was originally meant to be Indominus Rex on Steroids,but it just is’nt if you think about it. Indominus Rex has Higher Health and Higher Attack,Indoraptor only gets the Point on Speed if it comes to stats,the speed is vital at any stage of the game,hence there is no winner there,Both have Armor Piercing Strike,No winner here as well. Now Indoraptor has Cleansing Impact,while Indominus Rex has Armor Piercing Impact, since Indominus Rex has Immunity,it does not need to cleanse itself,but in this process it also goes through Armor,so 1 point for Indominus Rex,then Indominus has Armor Piercing Rampage while Indoraptor has Defense Shattering Rampage, so now he score is even. Finally Evasive Stance versus Cloak,Evasive Stance gives you 3 turns of Evasion but no Perks like Extra Damage or so,Cloak gives 2 Turns of Evasion but no extra damage. No winner again,so how is Indoraptor really worth the Investment? I get that both of them are played with Different Playstyles,but the point is the extra Investment when they have the same value in one’s team despite the Varying Investment. I hope I can get an Answer,whereas,about the Immunities,it is clear enough,Indominus Rex has a Full Immunity while Indoraptor has only a Partial.

If Indoraptor is gonna be your first unique and you’re relatively low in the arenas then he is worth unlocking. I’ve got mine to level 23 but I don’t think I’m gonna go any further, and I’m not gonna use my boosts on him. I’m using all my remaining Indominus Rex fuses to level up my Erlidominus instead of investing them in Indoraptor. Hope this helps and good luck!

Edit: I probably see more people levelling up Indominus Rex than Indoraptor too so that must mean something

I recommend indoraptor if you need a decent speedster. You might want to go for erlidominus if you really like cloak and are willing to wait.

I wish Indoraptor was introduced during the worldwide release how it was before that in the early stages,where it had Immunity and Cloak

@GooseyGanderLFC I have noticed that too and yes,it says a lot more than little,I think Indoraptor needs Cloak and that extra damage to make it in there,or atleast Immunity, I hope they introduce a Erlidominus Gen 2, I can get it then. Erlikosaurus is so hard to come by,mine is still level 13,I used to find them a lot in the wild when I started but i was horrible at darting back then,now that I know to dart in a standard manner,I never get much of it.

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@Earlidominus i actually really like cloak but I do not see much of a scope in me and erlikosaurus encounters,Erlidominus is extremely successful doing what it is as a glass cannon and Skirmisher,whereas Indoraptor is a Well Balanced Creature that does the job of a creature you would like to send out when you need a Brawler that is relatively fast can handle stuff like chompers and Tanks that have lower speed,the problem with Indoraptor is that it’s damage output does not meet the requirements of its job,I am not sure where to invest,I have no T-Rex DNA left, I have 100/200 Indominus Rex DNA for Level 19 and low coins. My Indominus is level 18 at the moment,Maybe I will have to use Sanctuaries for T Rex DNA , which i never thought will ever happen,I seem to need Sinoceratops DNA as well,maybe I am focusing in too many things at the same time. Postimetrodon,Baryonyx,maybe it is not all that great.

Good first unique i agree. But save your TRex DNA for later uniques

Yeah those 2 changes would make a big difference to Indoraptor. Leave his DSR as a 1 turn delay so he’s not too similar to Erlidominus who can rampage straight away. Eriko is hard to find. I got a lot of mine when he was a daily mission reward about a year ago. Then I hit 2 60’s and a 40 when fusing Erlidominus so I got really lucky. If you’re Erliko is only level 13 I’d say get Indoraptor he’ll make a great addition to your battle team until you level up a bit higher

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I find erikiosaurus in Boston and sometimes Marshfield.

If I were to suggest a moveset and Stats for Indoraptor Level 26 : -
Health:- 4400
Attack:- 1350
Cleansing Strike
Definite Impact
Defense Shattering Rampage
Evasive Stance
Immune to Deceleration
Immune to Distraction
Swap In Distraction.
What do you think of this moveset @GooseyGanderLFC
, @Colin , @TorontoRaptor and @Earlidominus.

I’ve used both Indominus Rex and Indoraptor for a very long time together on my teams. Indominus is good at what she does but Indoraptor is a far better all rounder and capable of a lot more consistent damage output plus a more usable dodge effect. Different people will always have different experiences though.

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Yeah I like it, the immunity’s would help massively and a swap in for a unique is nice

I like this. It gives a reason to use indo instead of your standard speedster but as a dinosaur that doesn’t have a problem with damage reduction and a little bit of a tank

I would save for erlidom. It’s better than indo and can kill something that has a majority of its hp with a rampage. Don’t level indom further. Save the rex dna for erlidom

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All-Rounder is the point the reason it does not fit into the meta,the thing I have suggested above is like a All Rounder,but Slightly Better

Here’s the problem with that moveset: 2 moves have a delay and it’s basic move isn’t great. Very few good creatures have more than 1 move with a delay with the exceptions of maxima and tryko. I would swap the shattering moves so it has only 1 move with a delay

You mean Defense Shattering Impact and Definite Rampage?

Yes. Now the impact is available turn 1

K. Indoraptor really needs to catch on

Yeah, but the thing is, Indoraptor always gets taken out at that point, right? If you’re facing an equal opponent, then the death blow usually comes after the DSR, most of the time, even when evasive is on…
It never gets to use it’s APS cause it’s dead by then. I mean, it could vary, if the Indo is a lvl29 and opponent is a flippin lvl23 (as it goes with matchmaking these days), but you know what I mean… Indo is good as it is, one of the more balanced dinos I would say…