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JW Alive should add Compsognathus!

So here are my thoughts:

JW Alive should bring compys into the game!

It should be a rare or an epic.

It should be very small on the screen, like really really small.

It’s entrance should be just like the velociraptor.

It should have a strike and a pounce that deal 100 and 200 HP damage respectively, or in that range.

500 or so Health.

128 Speed.

0% Armor.

Maybe a 5% chance of critical. No other moves.

Because it is so small, it automatically dodges 75-80% of all attacks, but when it does get hit, it’s dead immediately, unless it gets hit with a passive counter-attack.

This is primarily for giggles, but, if used at the proper time, could be the edge you need to get a win in battles.

So, what do you guys think? Any way to get a petition going for this? Maybe with enough supportive replies, Ludia will do it!


Love this idea!

Why not have regular stats like other Dinos,but instead of one there will be a pack of them


Would be way cool if there was a pack of them.

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It should have a bleed ability since in the movies they always kill prey slowly.

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Totally agree; have 10 of them with 200 HP each… say you take 1000 damage, half of them die… :smile:


That’s genius, a diminishing attack stat as they get knocked-out, I like that idea a lot.

The pack could have 2 attack for like 200 damage or sometimes like 6 attack for 600 damage. Would be kinda like a crit shot

Could go any number of ways, total damage could deminsh with the pack, so could the % for critical, etc…

It’s funny to read this, because in real life, Compsognathus was 4 feet in length. This means it wasn’t a pack animal, it could easily hunt on its own.

There was another, smaller relative (the one the compys were actually based on in the films, Procompsognathus Triassicus. It’s not really known if it hunted in groups, since very few have been found. This particular species might well have been a juvenile of Compsognathus.). So the compys in the films may not be as accurately depicted as we thought.

Not trolling, I just thought I’d share. Carry on.

In the book it is a procompsagnithis and in the movie thier never specified.

No, they did, in the second film. But like I said before, it may turn out that Procompy was actually a baby Compy. Not fully grown. Not enough fossils have been found (Triassic fossils usually end up eroded or worse) to be able to determine this.

I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here, I was sharing info that I thought people might be interested in knowing.

Great Idea. I love it. :+1:

To change the dynamics of the game, instead of fighting one Compy you could actually fight a small group. Your group could get larger the more you level compy up. eg: level one is one Compy, but a level 12 might have 4 or 5.
Alone, each one does a moderate amount of damage but together the damage of each one adds up so when you have a small group you could do big damage. Same in reverse; if you get attacked it kills one or 2 compy at a time so instead of dying you get weaker with each opponents attack.
There could even be special moves unlocked when you’re at a certain level/amount of compy’s called swarm :slight_smile:

could be cool?


Woops i just started a “new” suggestion of same. I’ll leave it in case repeats get the developers attention

I’d love to see a pack of Compsognathus as a new “creature.” I’m not sure how they might behave in battle but it would be interesting. They would obviously suck at fighting flyers but gang up on anything slow and armoured.
It would be fun to read other players’ ideas of how they would battle.

Ooop! Such a discussion is already in progress. Leaving mine for the extra ludia attention

But didn’t Burke say that it was a Procompsognathus? So it’s a different subspecies

No Burke said Procompsognathus Triasscus