JW Alive VIP membership not worth it!


Ok, there are 2 reasons I got the VIP membership. 1, for the battery. 2, to have access to the premium incubator. Then I find out you have to spend over 5k on the dang thing! Seriously?! What kind of VIP access is that? So I have to spend $50 in real world currency, or save up any dinobucks I get through regular play, which will take like an effing year, to get a premium incubator. Thanks Lyudia, again, for making a ridiculous pay and play game. I will be cancelling my VIP membership at the end of this month. What a waste.


Thank you for the heads up. I was thinking about getting for my son.


Tbh I’m not a sub but I’m considering it. I actually like that the VIP does very little. I think it actually makes sure it’s not P2P