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JW Alive War. (JWA Elimination)

From jw Alive elimination, a war was started! Hybrids vs non hybrids. All posts attacks go on here. JW elimination will not be locked for “derail”


Hey @Erlikdom, you started this war, I’m gonna make sure you pay!

Monomimus Defence Squad! Everyone Assemble! Do it for @LordMonomimus! Magna Protection Squad Too! And just to get troops, here come ps the procerathomimus protection squad!


lots of hybrids charge at the non hybrids

insert clip of monomimus stabbing a DG2 in the neck with its leg


I predict that the impact of a pachycephalosarus’ head would easily knock out a certain ambitious raptor hybrid. Said raptor hybrid would not be able to withstand such power and get blown to bits.

Now, let us verify the results! Regalia Big Bang!

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What’s this? I’m alive! Yeah! I’ll never die from a puny pachy, instant charge, Critical Impact, Distracting Impact, decelerating Impact. Boom! Your dead, headbutter! Oh yea Geminititan is eating stygimoloch. Tasty.


You just had to mention lord monomimus huh? It’s like you praise him. What’s even weirder is that you have the same country as him. Very suspicious…


Wrathomimus has appeared!!!:grin: This super evasive hybrid will avenge it’s fallen cousin!


Don’t be silly. He’s Gone. Reduced to atoms by idk what. RIP. He was a cool dude. The UK is a pretty large country too… anyway no matter! Go Utarinex! Those dracorex aren’t gonna be easy.

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Yes wrathomimus! I’ll send in as many monomimus as I can to help wrathomimus. Wait what’s this? sees something that looks like a mega stone huh… what’s this… and why does it shine near vexus?

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Arghhhhh! Amarga!!!
insert clip of achilles being summoned but it’s amarga

Turbo Sword!!! Shatter their hybrid bones!

Right. We need to build a wall! Stegodeus! Tragodistis! Ankyntrosaurus! Build a wall of yourselfs to block them!

Oh yea, diloranosaurus Acid snipers. Fire away.

Hey vexus. Hold this. passes them the stone

Marsupial Lion! Final BLASTAHHHHHH

I know something that will make you regret everything…

boosted miragaia

It seems that you are scared @anon91521914. Good. I eat fear for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Oh I’m not scared. Pterovexus, MEGA EVOLVE!

pterovexus mega evolves and kills lots of non hybrids

Only super hybrids are capable of mega evolution! What will you do huh? I have a collection! Go Mega Magnapyritor!

Mega evolution? In a dinosaur game? Well then, I have a secret weapon of my own…

It’s called copyright


Hybrid kill count-Stegod,Tragod,Ankyntro,Dilorano,Rinex,Mono-meme

Non hybrid kill count-DG2,Pachy,Lion,ErlikG1,Mirag

Hybrids left-76
Non hybrids left-103

We are winning

Dracoceratops has all the boosts! Health, attack, speed, armour and crit. And all are at max, all he needs to do is snap his fingers and half of all non hybrids will die.

Dracoceratops: I am inevitable! snaps fingers and half of non hybrids die

dracoceratops dies in the process

Poor Dracoceratops. Never thought I’d say that.

51 non hybrids left, the tables have been turned, and ALL boosts are gone. No more snapping!