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JW Alive Wishlist

For me my wishlist would be:

  • Bugs fixings
  • Better matchmaking in arenas and tourneys
  • Mix the requirements/restrictions for tourneys (such as North America creatures, only ceratopsians, etc.)
  • Mix the rewards for tourneys, such as have DNA rewards also for skill tourneys and such
  • Buffs for tenontorex, diloracheirus, dilophoboa and strictor
  • Aquatics (Most unlikely)
  • Ludia pumpin out more dinos
  • Other buffs for other hybrids (Majundaboa, etc.)
  • Trading DNA for Coins or even bucks (unlikely)
  • Trading DNA for other DNA
  • Buying DNA, not Incubators (like Clash Royale)
  • Zone Migrations
  • Reworks (not nerfs or guttings) for Indo G2

Thats pretty much all for me. Whats your wishlist for this game?


My wishlist. Creature that needs more attention

More HP for my Megalosuchus, please and thanks.

Dimodactylus getting precise shattering counter, more HP, Immunity, no escape, Long Defense Strike for Shielding Strike and Rampage and Run for Impact and Run.

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That’s kinda broken

My wishlist: I would love it if you guys make more Event supply drop (AKA the 2x supply drop) around the player. I am playing jurassic world alive on a IPad and if i go out of my house it has no wifi and currently due to Covid-19 allot of people including me are in lockdown and its really annoying when there is such a good event but you just cant get it, like this week event with Ardentismaximer and Quetzarion. Please ludia this is the only thing i want

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Relax Apple it’s not like your going to see it in the seasonal arena.

Carnoraptor Carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor carnoraptor
Troodon troodon troodon troodon troodon troodon troodon troodon troodon troodon
Prestosuchus prestosuchus prestosuchus prestosuchus prestosuchus prestosuchus
Andrewsuchus Andrewsuchus Andrewsuchus Andrewsuchus

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Well. I’m not actually complaining about that anyway, Jafar

Request epic dna or maybe trading dna.

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Also your buff list looks amazing I 100% agree with you!!!

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More actual dinosaurs. JURASSIC, no more permian and Cenozoic stuff.

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Putting hybrids in sanctuary
Naming dinosaurs
Extracting DNA from amber instead of incubators

To this thread I say YES.


Yes please

This is one of my wishes that I forgot to list. This would be especially helpful during these times. Especially when only garbage spawn around me, like Common Strikes. If Im lucky, Rare Incubator Strikes

  • Bug fixes
  • Better MM
  • Retooling of most RNG aspects (crits, dodges, etc)
  • Speed ties
  • QOL improvements
  • Giving Smilonemys’s wrongfully taken 100 damage back.

That’s about it.

Being able to click on creatures that are either inside a sanc or just slightly behind a strike tower.
I have tried every possible way to click on this thing, but i keep getting the completed strike tower.

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My wishlist:

New Creatures

•Troodon {Epic}
•Ceratosaurus {Rare}
•Compsognathus {Common}
•Megatherium {Epic}
•Andrewsarchus {Epic}

New Hybrids

•Arcutops {Arctops + Scutosaurus = Legendary}
•Inostrycodon *{Inostrancevia + Ankylocodon = Epic}

New Creatures Gen 2

•Smilodon Gen 2 {Common}
•Raptor Gen 2 {Velo, maybe?}
•Apatosaurus Gen 2 {Epic with 7500 Health :smiling_imp:}
•Darwinopterus Gen 2 {Rare}
•Carnotaurus Gen 2 {Epic with Cloak}

New Hybrids Gen 2

•Diplotator Gen 2 {Irritator + Diplocaulus Gen 2 = Epic}
•Purutaurus Gen 2 {Carnotaurus Gen 2 + Purussaurus Gen 2 = Legendary}
•Dracoceratops Gen 2 = {Triceratops + Dracorex = Epic}


•Indoraptor Gen 2
•UTASINOOOOOO… Just Kidding… Entelomoth





and of course… Fix Bugs :slight_smile:

  • Trading DNA for Coins or even bucks (unlikely)

You can already trade DNA for coins. You just have to do it with alliance members.