JW cash reset?!?!? help!


I’m paying for VIP and have contacted about this issue already in the game but no response. My JW cash has reset to $0 AGAIN!!! I just leveled up, paid for their special offer which was supposed to give over $1000 cash alone. I DID receive the cash and had over $2100 total after that but now it is gone, reset to $0 yet I bought nothing, didn’t pay to speed anything up. Then I started collecting JW cash again, had about $13 and then that reset to $0!!! It seems like this keeps happening after looking at the Free Cash page… Is there some kind of glitch that keeps resetting my JW cash?? It took me a long time to earn that & I want it back!!! Someone please help!!!


Hey KoolKid1420, I’m sorry that our support team has not gotten back to you yet. I have not heard of this issue before, but our support would be able to assist you better once they get a chance to look at your account and respond back to you. Our team has been getting a lot more tickets lately so it might take some time for them to respond but they will try their best to get to you soon.