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JW Elite Germany recruiting


Hi everyone,

our german-speaking alliance, JW Elite Germany, existing since the first day of patch 1.5, currently has 7 openings. We are very active in completing weekly missions, donating DNA and discussing any game-related strategies and tactics in our discord chat. If you happen to be an active, motivated player between 2000 and 5000 trophies and share these ideas, just leave me a message and you can join today.


Hi, are you still looking for members? My ingame name is annane, i’m at usually 4500 trophies, looking for an active alliance.


We have a few openings again.


Norwegian player here. Level 20, rank about 4300. Do always complete My daily battle incubator, and do 10-20 battles a day. Fire between 200-400 darts a day and usually Get between 20000-30000 DNA pr day. My alliance usually end up at rank 3, and if yours Get higher I’m interested in joining


Thanks for your response. You are very welcome to join, however, I need to emphasize that we are german-speaking :grin:

At the moment we are finishing 5/4 in the alliance quests.


I understand some German, had it in school a lifetime ago. And there’s always Google translate. Will join as soon next weeks mission starts


My username is COYS1967


I have sent a request to join now