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JW multiplayer reward and tier system

So by now I’ve figured out that for multiplayer there are a few tiers or ranks:
Novice, Beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert, elite

But what I want to know is:
1, what stats of dinos qualify for which tier? Ludia can you give me a range for each tier?
2, The entire list of possible rewards that you can get for each tier, including the quantity.

I know that 1 attack is equal to approx 3.2 health, so expression of dino strength in either one is fine, if you just give me the amount of attack for example: 10-100 attack for novice.

Than that range would be the combined for health and attack. And both the dinos bellow would fit into that range with 100 attack (combined stats)
1, 50 attack 160 health
2, 40 attack 192 health

Also I noticed with the recent update, we can no longer get legendary packs for expert tier and below, not even legendary dinos.
That’s ridiculous to battle with a lv 20 solid gold creature and not even get a legendary for reward.

Can you (Ludia) or any fellow expert player who collected the data answer the two questions above precisely please? The more info the better.

This would help me to change my team composition to maximize the rewards I get.

Jordan wang

I am working on this but it will be a few days before I have it all tabulated out.


Also, I think it is different between regular and modded.

My top Dino’s are elite on modded, but expert on regular.

So, I save my top 4 for modded only.

Oh Wow! Thanks! I really wanted to see one come up.

Not regular and modded. I feel it is between Aquatics,Cenezoics and Jurassics.

I’m not sure what you are saying. I only PvP with Jurassic (other than the required daily missions).

My top Ceno and Aqua aren’t level up and all intermediate. I don’t have the depth there yet.

Thank you so much! That would be very helpful

yeah that’s wise. I only do modded land vs cenzoic. Because aquadic modded gets the same rewards as land modded.

But regular aquatic gets better rewards comparing to regular land. So I save my aquatic dinos for regular only