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JW nerf

This update just made some of my favorite Dino’s actually unplayable, as opposed to the old stat boost system where with a few boost they were actually decent(and fun to use because I love my Gigaspikasaur)and now he won’t see any play because it would be way too much of an investment for a second rate Dino, is this what you guys had in mind Ludia? For all players to focus on a certain few Dino’s and let the rest pile up dust?

Can’t delete my own topic, great forums. Report this post, thanks


Hey Brad, Giga is 1 of my old school favorites as well but sadly does eventually get out classed. He is now as useful or useless as your willingness to make him determines which was the point of boosts from go. You can decide any dinos date by your willingness to invest and your commitment to it

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