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JW Points 20000 vs 10000

What are people’s thoughts about cashing in JW Points? The first time I did this I waited until 20,000 to get the Mastodonosaurus, because 10,000 seemed to have the ‘regular’ Legendarys that are not as cool.

But now even at 10,000 you get what seems like similar “glowing” Legendaries. The only benefit to 20k seems to be knowing for sure which dino you’ll get. Think it’s worth double the cost for that??? Thoughts?


It depends how far in the game you are.
In my first 1,5 years I only bought 10k packs. No matter what I got, they were always useful. Now after 3 years I have 3 to 4 lvl 40 VIPs of nearly all I can get in 10k packs.
I started a few months ago to buy 20k and even 50k packs if it is as dino that I need to complete my collection.
Truth is, for events and tournaments it doesn’t matter if you have a Prestosuchus (which you can get in normal 10k packs) or a Metoposaurus, which is much harder to get.
It is only window dressing.
And…welcome to our forum.


I have only ever bought the 10k packs.

I have some of everything they offer. I usually spend that 10k as soon as I get it. I like the offers in the 50k packs but I could never save up that much.


The 50k packs are the only reason I would get VIP
You can’t get them any other way, except for spinning a wheel in the top prize of the lottery.

Some earlier discussion on this topic


Thanks everyone! And thanks for the welcome! My daughter got me addicted to this game :slightly_smiling_face:

Sounds like most people graviate towards the 10k packs. Though it’s a good suggestion to snag 20k if it is a particular dino needed to level up if you already have one. I have never seen any option for a 50k pack? Problem is the dino in the 20k pack cycles too fast, so the odds of paying 20k for a specific dino, then earning another 20k immediately after that in time are low (unless one waits until they have 40k JW and then just buys two in short order)


50k packs are only for VIPs.

I did grab a 20K pack yesterday since I needed another apato anyway but particularly hoping to get some extra DNA before my game upgraded. As the ones in that pack and the DBs as well much better. Only got one but well worth it for the two Arctodus I got!


Saaaame, my 8yo got me involved in her game and I ended up basically stealing off her.

The other draw on the 20k packs is the increase in bucks from 100 in the 10k packs to 500 per card in the 20k packs. I’m at a stage now where I will defo but my first 20 or 50 if the right pack comes up

Haha same thing! It’s ended up being a nice thing for my 9yo and i to share

I agree about the increase in other rewards in the 20k pack too… My current thinking is to wait until 40k, and then buy 2 of the same 20k creature so I can level em up to 20. (Despite the other idea of using 10ks to get more strong dinos)

This takes patience as I only have 18k!


Belated welcome. If you live along A1A I’m a bit jealous. Mostly as I’m in Orlando and head that way to go fishing often. I’ve played a great many tournament battles sitting at the beach or floating somewhere around Merritt.

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Thanks for the welcome!!! Enjoying the forum and the game. Sadly, I just like the A1A image , I am actually in Western New York between Buffalo and Rochester … no doing battles at a beach for me anytime soon haha

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