JW scan button missing from new update?

Just bought the Brawlasaur for my son to play on JW app on ipad/iphone, however the JW scan button seems to be missing when in the battle - player duel page?

please advise.



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Hey Trex_mum, sadly the Brawlasaur scan function is no longer in the game.

Brawlasuars were a minimally important function even when functioning . They weren’t viable in battle and served no other purpose, it was merely a lure for parents, but a dead end at that. Your not missing out at all.

My son is wanting to become a palentoligist and prefers to be addressed as "Jr. Palentoligist ‘“Dino Dan…”’.
He really wants his Dinos to be scannable so he can view them on his device, possibly in battle (not fond of bloody scenes) but more for access to an online golassary, possibly video clips of facts about …) We don’t have much income, were devestated to learn even battle action won’t work anymore. Hoping they can still find an educational use for these toys, I would be willing to buy those apps!