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JW:TG Could Use Some More Spinosaurs

The few already easily available for most players are cool but the Spinosaurus itself being Super Rare is quite underwhelming but at least its smaller and more obscure cousins Suchomimus and Ostafrikasaurus can stand their ground well enough (although Suchomimus has a very low Attack).

The only true spinosaur VIP so far is Baryonyx while Acrocanthosaurus and Concavenator merely use the spinosaur model probably just because they have spines and could use their arms more than the tyrannosaurs.

Speaking of the spinosaur model, Ceratosaurus having it is very jarring and it looks hilariously awkward. Why does it have the spinosaur animations? It made sense for Indominus Rex at least.

Anyway, maybe someday I hope more spinosaurs would be added to the game such as Oxalaia and Icthyovenator or literally whatever else is related to Spinosaurus which is my favorite dinosaur even in the game.

Other random spinosaurs I just looked up:

  • Vallibonavenatrix
  • Suchosaurus
  • Camarillasaurus
  • Cristatusaurus
  • Siamosaurus
  • Spinosaurus Gen 2 (with stats that will finally do Spinosaurus justice)

Ludia really seems to like choosing the most obscure and generally unknown dinos to include in the game in the future so I have some hope of seeing another proper spinosaur. Preferably as a new Tournament creature.


I agree, the Spinosaurus has some disappointing statistics. :nauseated_face:

Ichthyovenator and Sigilmassasaurus