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JW:TG Memes, Part One

Very long time ago.

Also, why can Indominus 2-hit KO itself at level 40? It’s pretty much a regular 3:1 creature at level 13… That’s why I was wondering about the glass-cannon stats of Indoraptor.

I like the indoraptor stats reminds me of the Eolambia with class advantage…


Indominus can’t 2 hit itself at level 40…

Oh it can’t?.. its attack is around 2K and health is around 5K, that’s glass cannon-sort of material. But at level 13 it’s a 3:1 creature. But an Indoraptor can 2-hit KO itself…

5430 health

2074 attack

It would do 4997.6 damage in 2 hits.

The Indominus can almost kill itself in 2 hits.

Glass cannon materials are closer to 2.5k damage when it has 5000 health.

Yaa… I mentioned “sort of” there because I found the stat-ratio difference abnormal between level 13 and level 40.

Level 13 has a 2.616 health-attack ratio while a level 40 has a 2.618 ratio. Both rounds to 2.62 :thinking:

My mistake… I may have confused my Gen 1s from my Gen 2s.


Ludia’s logic…
hqdefault (1)

indominus gen 1 is clear and its hybrid is dark …

indominus gen 2 is dark and its hybrid is clear…

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