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JW: TG memes

So JWA has a dedicated meme thread called Ludia Memes where some of the more lighthearted members joke about the game. While you could post a JW: TG meme there, not a lot get it, so I thought I’d start one here, seeing as we have some people who I know would love to make them. I’ll start



I hope they allow such a thing. They have got some strict rules around here. Foremostly on the imageries. So it is highly needed for people to be careful about what they share on this thread. Otherwise the mod patrol with choppers appears on the horizon with a dust cloud on their back. :grin: I hope I don’t get a ban just for saying that. :grin::grin: But anyways I sure appreciate such a thread, we need more fun beyond talking about the game facts.

@Jurassic_Fury in progress, uploading imminent. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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There was a thread for this, posting on it now would get you a necro post warning thou.

The original:


I figured it happened before, but most kind of died out (I looked) so I thought I’d make the meme thread to end all meme threads, Ag least here

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Giga needs a rework. I have spoken

When you’re low level and can’t get a tournament creature : I’ve gotta get one of those

Bro do you understand that ludia will never rework a dinosaur? they will also never actually make new animations. they just tailor the dinosaurs to match the animations

It’s a meme thread. Joke around, and while we know it ain’t gonna happen, we can still wish.


When your account gets hacked and you lose all your progress. :sob:

When your account gets hacked and Ludia offers you 4 free velociraptors for your trouble. :grin: :grin:


Not trying to hate on Spino, but Metri is just the G.O.A.T.


I got you man


Another one

When you fuse indominus for indoraptor :
I’m done playing with you

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Pray that metriaphodon never gets an s hybrid

We know whats coming after watching Season 3 trailer of Camp cretaceous.
Dread from it, run from it, Destiny still arrives.





This thread needs more attention and love, these memes never fail to get a good laugh outta me.


There’s a Ludia Memes thread in the JWA forum which is pretty nice. It would be good if this Thread was also active like that…

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Agreed. I’ll try to make a post regularly here till it gains some traction.

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When ludia adds gigantophitecus : let the monkey fight the elephant

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Carnivores : wait guys i can explain
Pterosaurs : you guys have 4 limited hybrids? We only have 3
Herbivores : 3? We only have 2 limited hybrids
Amphibians : you guys have more than 1 limited hybrid?