JW the Game: what even is this?


I wanted to hear from my JWA peeps. Can you please move this back there Jay1?

You mean like youve never played it and want to know what it is?

JW: The Game is a park builder sim that has a bunch of cool stuff. Battles, trading, resource exchange, boss fights, raids, fusing, other eras, water creatures etc. I just sort of stopped playing after I essentially maxed out my park and most of my Dinosaurs.

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JWtG is also crapware. A better park builder is Jurassic World Evolution, which is far more challenging, has much better graphics, and a stable platform (PC, Xbox, PS4).

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I played it when there was no other games available. Honestly, it is crap.

Meh battles, bad park building, ridiculous over the top radioactive dinosaur and hybrid designs with so much oversaturated rainbow colors it makes me want to puke.

Since Jurassic World Alive is a thing now (superior dinosaur designs and battle system) as well as Jurassic World Evolution (far superior park builder) I no longer play JW The Game. It hasn’t aged well.