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JWA 1.15 dino ideas

These are my ideas for 1.15
leave suggestions please :slight_smile:

  • Giganotosaurus (epic) - Enrage ability when this dinos heath get 50% or lower deal 25% more damage. I would like it to also have 4,000 HP and suggestions for moves and stats?
  • Crypholosaurous (epic) - 3,350 HP 1,250 ATK 126 speed. Moves - instant distraction, distracting rampage, strike or nullifying strike. Immune to deceleration.
  • Carnonotosaurous Gen 2 (epic) - 3,500 HP 1,200 ATK 120 Speed. Moves - Defense shattering counter attack, vulnerability strike, long defense, Defense shattering impact .
  • carnoraptor [(epic) (Charlie, and Carno gen 2 hybrid)] 2,850 HP 1,300 ATK,128 Speed, moves - defense shattering strike, Short defense, distracting pounce. Please leave your thoughts about what I at least want to see for 1.15

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