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JWA 2.0 Team Building/Boosting

So this place is basically for team suggestions and boost suggestions. Since the update was big, many dinos were buffed/nerfed, boosts had been stripped off dinos and we have a new game mode, I believe there’re many people who has no idea how to continue, so I hope we can help each other here.

Here I go first, I’m at 4.7k trophies and this is my team

I’m just wondering if this is the best combo? Please give me some suggestions whether it is the best combo possible or not
Secondly, boosts. What and how should I boost my stuff? Maxima I’m deffo gonna boost it but I’m not sure about the rest. As I want my boosts to be more endgame focused, I probably wont boost my phorusaura since it still has a chance to get a superhybrid anytime soon. I might boost my tryostronix but I’m not sure if it’s going to be endgame worthy, the rest of them I’m not even thinking of boosting them. Also, I’m going to make tryko in about 2 weeks, what should I replace and how should I boost it? Should I save some boosts for tryko?

you should level up spinotah, your almost gaurunteed to do over 80% of the oppents Dino’s health if they are not resistant.


Spinota seems like a good shout, but my original plan is to save those spinos for spinoconstrictor. Just 2 questions, is spinoconstrictor endgame worthy? (If not then I’ll get spinota instead) and what should spinota replace?

In a meta where all tanks can purified distraction and remove dodge and the only defense of constrictor are dodge and distr…
NO, spinotha is better

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So you mean spinota is better?

Spinota is at least worth leveling up for the raids