JWA 3.0 Weekend Group PvP Tournaments

I keep throwing this out because I’m thinking we are headed there as all the creatures have moves for group PvP play outside of raids. I really hope this is in the works for 3.0 when it comes.

This is how it would go. You go to the battle screen and hit “Tournaments”:

This takes you to the weekly tournament screen where you hit the “Play”:

This puts you in the screen where you set up your 8 creatures and either play on a random team or set up your own team with your alliance and/or friends.

Creating a team is the same as done for raids. You go in and send out invites to your other alliance members and/or friends and wait for them to join. The team will be named after the alliance who creates the team.

You must have 4 players to fight.
You earn take down points for your alliance whether you win or lose. If more than one alliance is represented on the team, they will earn the same take down points for their alliance. Your alliance will earn all the takedown points for each player so if you have 2 or 3 alliance players on the team your alliance will get 24 or 36 points.
For the winning teams, this is where you get extra points if you have more than one player from your alliance.
10 points are earned if your the sole player representing your alliance and win.
15 points will be given for each player if 2 alliance members are on the same team.
20 points will be given for each player if 3 alliance members are on the same team.
25 points will be given for teams all made up of one alliance.

If you have a full team of one alliance and you win, your alliance earns 100 points plus 48 take down points for a total of 148 points. The point of the extra points is to reward alliances for the effort of working together where joining random teams which is easy and fast is less rewarded. So working together you bring in 37 points for each player but for random teams, you only bring in 22 points at a time for your alliance if you win.

After you create your team you hit the battle button that takes you to the group PvP screen. Here you wait for other players to join the team your going to play against.
Random teams are named by the first player that is found and always starts with “Team” and the name of the player. If you play random teams, you may find yourself up against other random teams or alliances.

If after 5 minutes or what ever they decide the waiting time might be is up. A.I teams will fill in the empty spaces. This way there is always a match that may be you being on a partial A.I. team against another full A.I. team.

For this, you never leave empty. At bare minimum, you earn some takedown points if your team looses but for full alliance teams, it will be 4X of the takedown points. So if you only take down 8 of the opponents teams 12 creatures, your alliance will get 32 points losing. For all the time invested to play 4 against 4, they shouldn’t have teams leaving empty. For players on random teams, losing will mean only those few takedowns but it’s something. Better to form alliance teams.