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JWA anniversary 5 day gifts

Ludia, on the fifth day of the celebration would it be possible to give out 10 DNA of any unique dinosaur that we choose. Like each person gets to choose their own creature that they want DNA for. And you know it could always be more than 10 DNA. Or only 5. That is all I need for erlidominus.


Nah, you have to work hard. You can’t just get a unique like that. That’s like if Ludia gave up… darting on uniques… oh.

I stand corrected… st. Patty day vibes, anyone?


All 247 DNA came from darting.

I hope they will give Dilo DNA.
Desperately need those.

1 weekend to dart.

8 months to grind all dna.



Would totally unbalance the arena.

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Would love T Rex Epic or Baryonyx Gen 2 dna

Like I said in the other thread. St patty event was great but while it was going on I knew something was up. Just around the corner was Stat Boost. So it didn’t matter they gave everyone all the uniques because whether you just unlocked it or grinded hard all year to get it. Your high level grind hard with no boost still gets beat by a newly unlocked with boost. So why do we grind anymore and waste coins and time? Might as well grind long enough to unlock and then just use free stat boost or buy more. I hate Stat Boost they have ruined the game.

1.7 = if your pockets run deep, your trophies are steep.

Coins would be nice - definitely more than 5k though

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I used the about 14500 hard cash and bought 3 large coin sales and 2 medium coin sales. All bucks were free and thanks to the cheaters or whatever about stat boost I got lots of free bucks and I never have used any boost. #winning I had over 1.2 million coins.

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I used all my 6k cash before the sale :sob:

I knew to wait. With the 1 year of the game coming up and this week with the anniversary of the original movie. I knew something big was going to happen. Hopefully I didn’t miss out for next month though. For the games 1 year.

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