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Jwa apps


Do you use any app to help you with jwa? I use JWA Dinodex to see every dino’s stats between levels 1-30. Helpful when I am checking how much damage does epic strike tower opponents do.

If there is any dna/ coin calculator app which shows how much either you need to level certain dino to whatever level you need, let me know.


The Metahub Discord has a channel that will calculate coins and dna requirements #ask-mr-dna


I use this to work out how much coins and DNA I need for levelling dinos:


I also use this but I am getting too lazy and would like to have app for that like in pokemon go there were several.

I dont use discord but maybe have to download it @Piere87

If anyone uses any apps I’d like to know about them.


I just use the JWA Dinodex as a mobile dictionary.


You should check out the JWA Field Guide app. It has all creature info plus a dna/coin calculator!


Thanks. I already have it. I downloaded it end of last year/ beginning of this year