JWA Artwork! (Part 1)

Top 10 epic crossovers


Indeed it is

Numero Four! the alien!

so for the alien, I wanted it to look as bizarre and colorful as possible, yet still look like a dino, and I ended up with a weird hybrid, which I suppose can be an alien. Don’t think I have much to say, but this may be my favorite piece mainly because of the design and colors, anyways, hope ya’ll like it


Good afternoon

I love it! Reminds me of an APEx I made for a friend of mine: Cristarubicornis. Shoot, it’s too uncanny. I might have to redesign the APEx lol

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Long time no post here, but I have made some art. My latest picture:image


Well that’s interesting lol if you do end up redesigning it, I’d love to see the og one for comparison

flagged cause of caps? wow damn, didn’t know that they were THAT harsh but okay???


Can be considered spam in a sense. But I can see your confusion.

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Is this good? I forgot to take of the armor so take that out and speed is 127


Finally, a JWA player ( or ludia forums user) who knows what murder drones is.

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Oh wow you weren’t kidding lol the resemblance is quite uncanny. I can only imagine your reaction to seeing the similarity

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My reaction was of the following:

“Yo Snake Dude has new stuff, lemme se-oh…oh no lmao, my friend’s gonna be [redacted] lmao. Time to redesign.”

In all honesty, its fine. I need somethin new to work with anyway lol.

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My 1st set of claws are Complete!

And my next project is going to be Ankylodicurus (no pictures yet since currently it’s just a hollow blob of clay. :sweat_smile:)


I saw that fourth image and all I could think was a dino saying," Where’s my spaget and meat-a-balls?" in an Italian accent.


is it just me or does this thing reminds me of Gigan?


I may have never seen the beast in action, but yeah it kinda does lol


Lol! :laughing:

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