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JWA Artwork!


Hello everybody, usually I’m around making suggestions and things, but I thought I’d put up something different. I do comic sharpie artwork locally for commission as a sort of second job, and I thought I’d present some 10 min sketches I did inspired by this games hybrid system.
I’d love to see anyone else’s doodles and artwork from the community! Just something fun to do to take a break from the screens.

Indorex final stance

All of these are inspired by chatter I’ve seen around the forum for desirable future hybrids. My interpretations:

Forgive any smudges! Sharpies can be messy in a quick sketch. I wasn’t sure what combos to go with to make Uniques from the other two legendaries so I thought I’d present them as is. I hope to see more community fan art!


Very nice! This piece took me about a week. Traditional art, headshot of Delta using mixed medias. I have it framed now hanging under my JW poster :smile:


Wow very impressive! I’ve never tried drawing anything serious from JW except a few joke comics but you guys are making me wanna try :):grin:


What are all of the different media that you used?


They look awesome man!


Awesome! Nice to see Delta get some love over Blue as well


Would love to see a concept of Tanytator. I still hope it gets made one day…


Why not Tanyonyx? Don’t be afraid to try your own!


I would love to draw something, im just not good enough.


Thanks! You definitely should join and show us your art :smile: @yukataur25, the media’s I used for delta were prisma markers, black markers, white charcoal, color pencils, and pencils haha. My first go at professional markers, and I was quite happy with the results. Im starting to get into the more challenging mediums like realism water color & oil pastel right now. Love art :heart_eyes:

@DinoMaster3000 thanks!! I wanted to give the other raptors a little love too haha.

@Jnuttengr One day I’ll create that concept for you :smile: If indotasino raptor will ever be a thing. I will design this baby free of charge for the devs.


Had a half hour to try out some concepts, here’s my take on Tanytator.
I also did a Deinocheirus and Iguanodon hybrid
image image
What do you guys think?


They look awesome!!


They look good. What colors did you had in mind?


This is great. I’m wondering what spino gen 2 and gryphosuchus hybrid looks like?


Those are awesome guys!!! Great work. :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff!


For Tanytator I’m thinking it’d be light blue fading into a deep gray body. Perhaps with purple and tan highlights. The head crests I’m imagining are brighter blue maybe?
Deinocheirus+Iguanodon struck me as pale green with orange highlights and stripes.
Anyone is welcome to color them as they see fit and post them here, I’d love to see the combinations others come up with!
Thanks everybody!


A Carnotaurus fusion!!! My heart! Yes!!!


I think that would be a great idea. Espacially with the cooler colors of tanytator in the arena, where there is much red and brown colors. Tanytator would look fierce. :flushed::smile: