JWA Artwork!

So I have a little poll. (I’m also practicing them.) But, the 4th CDC should be coming up soon, and what should do with my hybrid?

  • Yes! I’d love to see your entry, and go ahead and participate!
  • I’d like to see what you can do… but maybe don’t stick your name in the poll?
  • Preposterous. Don’t even design a hybrid.
  • I have a weird idea, I’d like to share it! (Please @ me with your answer.)

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And also, if I put the details up on another page on Monday the 28th July, how is that?

  • Yeah, I can start right away!
  • Whoa SJ, way too fast! Can we wait a couple weeks?
  • I want it now!! Woot woot!

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It appears I’m going to participate, but I will wait until Monday to put the details up. :smiley:


Decided to do another Ceno idea, this is Andrewtherium, made from Elasmotherium and Adrewsarchus

Health 4800
Attack 1400
Speed 111
Armour 30%
Crit 10%

Minor rending attack

Definite Rampage

Defensive Impact (priority deal 1.5 X damage. 50% shield for 2 turns. Cleanse self. Cooldown 2)

Counter Blow ( Acts Last. When your opponent uses an attack that deals damage and after they have delt the damage, deal the exact same damage that they delt to you to them. Cooldown 3)


That counter blow is verry verry interesting


Due to a little mix up, I am going to have to post the challenge today, but it will be open for a week, yep! You have a whole week to do this… should be plenty of time!

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Why would it be rubbish? Every design challenge is fun!


I’m a little rusty, that’s all. Will you be participating, may I ask?

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Of course! I really like that you gave us a week. I can draw pretty good, but it does take a long time.


Yeah, most people have said a similar thing, lol. Can’t wait to see your entry!!

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Does Not represent Final ART still improving it, This is just a Blue print i want something better. All Credits Goes to GermanRaptor

Cant promise the final Art XD to be quick XD sorry



Wow!!! Awesome!! Love it!! Amazing great artwork and awesome coloration!! Ur so talented! :+1::+1::blush::blush:


Do u use Graphic Tablet and Photoshop? Really love ur way of using light/shading and the colors. I really like it, looks sooo good.
Ur so good. :blush:

Do u use Deviantart? Or something else to show ur artwork?


o my GOD !!! I cant belive it !!! i thought i was decent but ur comment made my DAY :smile: THANK U SO MUCHH!!! YES !!! i will gladly/honorably show what i did behind the scenes to hopefully give u the info that maybe can help !!! u have the right !!!

So sorry no :frowning: no devian art :frowning: i am making a small painting ! i finish the mountain background just need to add a flying dino XD

Yes ! i use Drawing Pen / Wacom Intuos Draw Creative Pen Tablet - CTL-490

For program: MediaBang( but it doesnt really matter XD )

So what i did was just like any other people would do ! make the line art ! and planning. ALSO references ! i use pinterest to search for them ! they have a system where u can crop part of ur favourite image and find similiar images…

I add the natural color first… basicly what i think the color is (also putting where the warm and cold color ! EX of warm color: dimples on cheek, its red because blood flow through it. )XD im still struggling with this. then i make a new layer on top of everything and set it to multiply ! some other programs can be diffrent but photoshop have this…
(i turn off the color layer so u can see what it look like ! )

Then for the rest is just painting it !and if i want to add deeper shadows on specific parts i just add another multiply layer !. The one that i keep in mind is the value… if i want to paint on the darker side i made sure its not too bright XD and if i want to paint on the lighting side i made sure that it matches with the environment… XD

My favourite part out of all this is taking a picture for photo refrences for the plants XD i just go outside and take a spesific plant that i can use for the painting ! see the tiny plant on the corner? YES it was on my small park inside my resident XD

Still This was from ur image! UR idea ! i use ur photo as a reference ! Ur more talented !!!


A Better explanation ! on this video… sorry but i feel like my info was not complete…but he can demonstrate this better and clear!
Skip to 37:08 because He will start talking about the neutral color then working up to the warm and cold color ! I hope this is good enough !! XD


I’ve been practicing with markers, here are some drawings




Helped someone on Discord illustrate his hybrids. I’m glad I did because I think these are my best drawings to date.


Those are amazing! What are the ingredients?