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JWA Artwork!


I joined it, it is awesome, trust me.


Okay, read something about it. I hope he can do something with that talent.


If you mean me…
Haha, thank you very much, I once wanted to study at an art academy but somehow it didn‘t happen. I‘m studying Biology with focus on technique, wanna do Bionics later.

And I‘m a girl. :hugs:
But thanks again, I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: Can‘t say it enough haha.

I hope I can post some other sketches tomorrow. Hopefully, I can also start coloring the first hybrid. It‘s very tough right now with stying, we call it Heiße Phase cuz in a few weeks theres the…how you say? Test but only way more important? :joy:


Any teaser for tomorrow sketch ?


Sorry about calling jou “him”, won’t make that mistake again. :blush:

Haha, sounds familliar, I have 2 half brothers who are German. The oldest one has the same stress as you. Your study is more important then this game, nobody would blame you. We just wait a bit longer on your sketches. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:


Well, I just finished that ProceraStygi hybrid sketch. Since I didn‘t like my first sketch so much, I made another one and it‘s been a tough one combining that small, agile huntress with the bigger, more muscular and cute herbivore. But this time, I like it lol.
I named it Promoloch or Proceramoloch, doesn‘t sound cool so plz give her names! :hugs:

The scientists of Jurassic World revealed their latest hybrid, Proceramoloch. This hybrid resembles another step of gene science since it is made of two completely different dinosaurs.
The hybrid combines the agility and high aggression potential of Proceratosaurus with the strong, muscular body and spikes of the Gen2 type of Stygimoloch.
Proceramoloch is bigger and stronger than Proceratosaurus, but also slower since she has lost agility and speed due to her big body. Nevertheless, she is very endurant and can hunt her prey for a long distance.
Her skull shows the dome of Stygimoloch Gen2 on it, making it able to ram and stun opponents. The many spikes and thorns surrounding it gave her the nickname ‚Thorn Crown‘.
The wide rear paws were designed to make this hybrid able to walk on smooth grounds without sinking into these. Her sharp claws and teeth are used to grab and kill the prey.
Last but not least, this hybrid should have had only one skinlike sail, but instead of she got three and developed a complex social behavior that is now beeing investigated by the scientists.


And btw sorry for that text I am so bad to think in English haha.
Plz, tell me what I should change so that it‘d be correct I really need to improve myself in writing texts. ^^


I like the concept, the sketch looks great, and your writing reads just fine to myself, a native English speaker. You went 3 for 3, well done, sir!!


Haha it‘s fine! :hugs:
Many people actually think I‘m a guy since everyone call‘s me Alex.

Wow, thank you very much! :smiley:

I‘m just having trouble sometimes when it comes to write in English cuz I need so long to think about how to use it. :joy::joy::joy:


Not to mention, I’d love to use my hoard of Stygi g2 DNA, so I hope Ludia goes this direction or some other combos using both of these dinos.

My stygi g2 odometer turned over the 100K mark at some point yesterday, but I missed it :slight_smile:


And I thought I‘d achieved something when I got to 30k with my Tarbosaur. :joy:


Holy hell. You are incredibly talented. Especially love the Carno one, Carno is my favorite dino.


I really hope they do an awesome Carno hybrid :crossed_fingers:


I still run into this problem sometimes :grimacing:

You’re doing great though. Keep up the good work.


I tried this now:

Looks like a what thing to me. :joy::joy:
Personally, I prefer that Brachi body type hybrid but I‘m wondering whether this could be more the way you‘d imagine her?

Well, but for today it‘s enough I should already be asleep lol!

Thanks again for the kind words and see ya tomorrow!! :smiley:


Imo, I would not be afraid of that one lol. Highspeed would be like 1 mph. :joy:
Oh, and in case you‘re wondering these scales are intended to be spread randomly. ^^

Btw, I just realized these three magic letters are also forbidden here to be used. Okidoki then, bye! ^^


Myriceratomoloch - the “thousand-horned demon”


Alrighty. Dracotantibus, fully complete. Without stats or color. She is an A.P.Ex dinosaur hybrid, the ambassador to the next step above unique. She is made of Suchomimus, Batrachotomus, Acrocanthosaurus, Gojirasaurus, and Zupaysaurus. Draco is a versatile huntress, dominating most creatures unaware of her abilities. She has effects of all types: Defense-Shatter, Poison, Crit, Nullify, Dodge. I trust that people would understand why she is powerful. After all…she was born to be.


I wonder if she can roll itself like armandillo :sweat_smile:
And move like this


I’d be down to make if she does