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JWA Artwork!


Trying to add some parts of ankylocodon to gorgoria And i dont know how to continue it


Any chance I can make a request? There’s one I’d love to see and couldn’t find anything like it online. Possibly for good reason :grimacing:


I‘m curious. :slight_smile:


I know this will probably sound stupid, but I like sauropods and think a winged hybrid would be cool. More sauro body type all the way, so I know the wings wouldn’t be functional. I looked online earlier and couldn’t find any concept/fan art, but did find other cool images like this.

Am I crazy, or could there be something here? There could also be some really cool move type mashups for a hybrid from these 2 lines.


Ok so an agile sauropod with elements of a big, majestic pterosaur, something like this?
With wings, but these wouldn’t be able to carry the hybrid eventho they‘d look cool.

Shall the parents be some certain dinosaurs or isn‘t this that much important as the body form?

Sounds interesting, never thought about it. :thinking:


And guys, what do you think of the new ProceratoStygi Hybrid sketch? :slightly_smiling_face:
I must say I kinda like it very much cuz it doesn‘t look like a ‚normal‘ predator imo but more like a stronger predator-herbivore mix. What do you think? Could it work? Or should I color it to show how I imagine her (this could take a while due to studying)? :thinking::sweat_smile:


Oooooh now I get it. ^^
So the shoulders would lie higher than the back, now I get that ‚Gorilla‘ image lol. I thought you meant a Gorgomix with bulky, fat and armored forelegs but this pictured hybrid looks way different from my version.

But why Ancylocodon? So you‘d change it to a GorgoAnky Hybrid?


Gorgoria hybrid with ankylocodon…armor from ankylo front limb of brachio rear leg of ankylocodon so she will become full armor gorilla now… :sweat_smile:


At first I was looking for a silly image of a huge brachiosaurus with tiny wings on its back, or even large dragon-like wings on its back. That lead me to those artist renderings of Quetzalcoatlus. Q was my favorite ptero added to the game in 1.4 and I love how huge and scary its beak looks and how creepy they look while walking on all 4s with wings folded. This made me think there might be something cool there, but I defer to your much more artisticly talented hands to know what will look best.

Pretty much exactly this, but the agility might not be great? It’s not like we’re talking about natural evolution with these hybrids but “mad science.” I see no reason it wouldn’t be attempted even if the end result is freakish looking.


@MementoMori im Imagining snake like creature with wings that reminding me of wyvern like dino if we add some purrulyth part :sweat:


That sounds like it could be interesting too. I feel bad even asking because for the most part the creations y’all come up with could easily be added to the game but what I’m asking about seems closer to fan fiction. I appreciate what you’re picturing though and think it would look cool and could have a place in the game. Would love to see it if you get the chance, no worries if not.


Just Saiyan


I’ll try to draw it…but let alex sketch it first she so good at it :speak_no_evil:



Just something I did a while ago. For the main leader of the Helix Project. The artwork was done by me, everything else by him.


Double post


Wow, really nice artwork!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Wish I‘d be that good with digital arts. ^^ Guess I should try it out myself, but atm I just don‘t have time to do some digital art.


So…about the HElix Project. Mind dm me your discord name & number so I can include you? Uomobot alreday joined. Or I can find you on Metahub, if you are there…


Alex, wake up. :joy:

You are way to talented to let this go by!!!


Look like alex got a lot of homework,isnt she ?


I think so, she has exams ( hope I type it right :sweat_smile:). I try it in German. :grin:

Guten abend Alex. Wach auf :grin:

( Translation:Good evening, Alex, Wake up.:grin:)