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JWA Artwork!


N‘Abend. Gesund und munter. :hugs: Danke, alles richtig.

Well, sry guys for beeing so quiet now I really got much to do and this phase will last for two weeks until the holidays come.
But I didn‘t forget dat PteroSauropod Hybrid and I also wanna color my sketches. Also, I wanna finally join that Helix project and also finally do the stats and description for Tanator. :slight_smile:


Hahaha, gut.
I almost begin to worry.:yum: Sorry for my German by the way. I speak it better then I write it. :grin:


@GermanRaptor Looks like you going berserk doing all of 'em when you got springbreak…im hoping you pass all exam with good score


I’m with you on this one. I hope she passes her exams also. :+1:


Thank you guys so much. :smiley:




I never thought id get three likes i swear to god thank u


The Indominus Rex looks too thin!! Please feed the dino well! :smiley:

Btw, awesome sketch!


Hahahah thank u for the feedback ! I did this with no pencil sketch !!! And I appreciate everyones like


A hybrid belonging to another friend over at Helix: Caecodeamon, the blind demoness!


Beautiful baby!


I love this thread so much.


If she is blind, she would problably hunt at night and out of ambush I think? Just thinking out loud​:blush::joy:


She uses echolocation. And she is such a cutie~!


Aah, like a bat. She is definitly cute :heart_eyes:


My first JWA hybrid…


Sweeeet! I have a whole moveset for it already - but it can change if it’s a Legendary or not.

Since I can see it as a Legendary, I have:

Vulnerability Strike
Armor Piercing Rampage
Distracting Rampage
Armor Piercing Counter (x1)

Just the design alone would make me want it on my team.


she is Epic…and already has a moveset


Coolio. I wasn’t trying to overstep your creation or anything, just speaking out loud. No disrespect here :raised_hands:


It’s all good.