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JWA Artwork!


Some interesting ideas I had earlier, Gorgonyx and Galligaia!

Any combos you guys want to see? I’d be happy to throw 10-15 min at some hybrids you guys have in mind


Havent picked up a pen since university years back…but might just do so for some hybrid inspirations. These are some I drew back in highschool inbetween classes.


Cool! Really like the dilo one
I’ll be interested to see what inspirations you come up with


I need a gorgonyx in my life, maybe using bary gen 2? :slight_smile:
Try drawing mirataurus (Carno + Miragaia), and kooladasuchus (Majundasuchus + koolasuchus), do something crazy with It, maybe with indoraptor animation.


I was thinking Bary G2 as well, maybe they could mix for a nice purple/magenta coloration? I’d love for that one to be reality.
Sure, I’ll try those out in a bit. Kooladasuchus I’m picturing as a Indo stanced monster salamander, and Mirataurus as a very spiky Carno, or perhaps a horned ravenous stego body?


Exactly gorgonyx could be purple with a bit of Red.
Mirataurus a very spiky Carno, as for colors i thought of dark grey/black body with orange spikes.
For kooladasuchus i imagined It like a very monstruos looking Majundasuchus, with indoraptor animation.


@Uomobot Mirataurus in a classic charge stance, and Kooladasuchus the salamander on steroids


OMG they look awesome


They should hire you at Ludia at the designerstable. You’re really good, I hope Ludia pays attention to your artwork.:+1:


Soooo it’s a bit messy but I tried. The first one is Miragarrus or Miratarrus( Mirataurus+Argentinosaurus), an unique sauropod. Kit: Shield Strike, Decelerating Rampage, Prolonged Critical Strike, Regenerate; Abilities: 1 Defense Shattering Counter.
Stats: 5400 HP, 0% Armor, 900-1000 Damage, 102-105 speed, 20% Critical.

Those two are Tanycoripterus(Tanycolagreus+Dsungarippterus) on the top, and Tycodraptera(Tanycoripterus+Pteranodon) bellow. Tycodraptera is an unique pterosaur.Kit: Defense Shattering Strike, Nullifying Rampage, Short Defense or Ferocious Strike/Armor Piercing Impact, Rampage and Run/Impact and Run; Abilities: Swap in Ferocity, 1 Defense Shattering Counter.
Stats: 3300 HP, 0% Armor, 900-1000 Damage, 130 Speed, 5% Critical.

Sorry about the darkness :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: now that I think about it Mirargentaurus sounds a lot better lol


God I want those 2 in the game so much


Those are pretty ballin lol I’d love to see those in the game and I’d almost certainly have them in my squad. Very monster hunter-esque which ups the cool factor.
I did a Purussaurus+Brachiosaurus hybrid in my original post because I also wanted to do a unique sauropod hybrid, any ideas on the second fusion?
And any ideas for a Quetzal hybrid?


Wow thanx! I’m glad to ‘hear’ that from you. And I’d certainly like the salamander on steroids on my squad XD
Well perhaps for the Purusaurus+Brachiosaurus hybrid we could add some wuerhosaurus? Those rectangular plates would look pretty cool on it and the moveset seems promising. So for the Quetzal I thought about using ornithomimus or even monomimus to make a more speedy imune pterosaur. It would be the annoying flying chicken with the dodges lol. Alternatively we could use erlikosaurus gen 2 for an equaly speedy pterosaur with giant claws! XD
A more tanky alternative could be ankylocodon for a imune armored flying tank. Even baryonyx gen 2 seems like an interesting idea for me in terms of design( not sure about the moveset). It would have that big claw on its wings, a long head full of teeth for fishing and a beaultiful crest on top.


Ooh! I was wondering if you could maybe do something out of these two? —

Baryonyx G2 + Erlikosaurus G2 = Berlikonyx


Sure! I’ll try it, that seems amazing :smile:
Edit: Sorry for taking the request, @DinoMaster3000. I got confused somehow and thought it was for me lol


I really am wondering how I could not see this wonderful thread. :sweat_smile:

I‘d like to join you and share my drawings of Carnodontosaur with you. :slight_smile:
I think I‘ll switch from my thread to this one. Got some ideas I wanna use for drawings and share em with you. ^^


Amaziiing those look masterful and the colors too wow! This thing would probably have a great moveset. I want it lol


Thank you very much. :hugs:


Thought about another idea for Quetzal, Quetzal+ornithomimus+diplocaulus ger 2=Dithotzalmus or something lol with: evasive strike, distracting rampage, impact and run, instant distraction. Ability: Imunity and/or swap in distraction.


Here it is! My concept of Berlikonyx, the fluffy water monster!