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JWA Artwork!


OMG that thing looks so FREAKING awesome! I love it so much! :kissing_closed_eyes::blush::hugs::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Now it shall wreck anyone who dares step up to the fluff monster! XD


I think that the community designs are better than ludia ones lol



Yo! Try to make a dino that’s an Ornithomimus and Dilophosaurus G2 hybrid. I think that Dilo should have a bit more love x3


I‘m not Dinomastee, but I liked your idea so I wanted to use it too. :slight_smile:
My hybrid looks more like a raptor, I‘m gonna change a few things and color it but not today I‘m just soooo tired. :sleeping: :sleeping:

I thought the hybrid could have the fragile body, long tail, feathers and feathered arms from Ornithomimus and the scary jaws of Dilopho plus her ‚horns‘.
In my imagination, this hybrid is a small and quiet, extremely fast moving carnivore with the social behavior of both and the aggression from Dilopho. Now what I mean?

Or perhaps I could make a fragile hybrid combining the body of Ornitho with the beauty of Dilopho without making an aggressive little beast out of it. :joy:


Yeah I‘m definitely gonna change it tomorrow. Don‘t like it. :joy:


YAY thank you so much!


I’ll definitely think on some of those options, I really wanna go for a ‘king of the sky’ look for the quetz and those may just work. The monomimus fusion would be infuriating lol
I may do Spino G2+”Brachiosuchus” to make Spinotitan. What do you think about that?


Sorry I missed your requests @Dinobai18 I think @Isaah_Wii covered Berlikonyx pretty well, looks great! I can still try out Dilo G2+Ornitho if you’d like or any others when I have some free time, just let me know the body type you want for any given hybrid and I will give it my best sharpie speed sketch :+1:
Also welcome to the thread @GermanRaptor that Carnodontosaur is seriously good, hope to see more!


Hey there! @DinoMaster3000
You don’t have to draw the Dilo if you don’t want to – but if you want, I ain’t complaining x3

But what I would be interested in is you doing a couple of creatures I literally just thought of a couple minutes ago.

Nodosaurus + Gorgosaurus = Norgosaurus

I imagine it keeping its theropod frame, while gaining the spikes and armor of Nodosaurus.

Spinosaurus G2 + Proceratosaurus = Spiratosaurus

This one is tricky… I can see it being as small as Proceratosaurus, with the additive of a smaller frill from Spino… But I can also see it being just as big – if not a little bit smaller – than Spino, with a thin coating of feathers, and the little nose horn that Cerato has, and a more shorter snout…

Being a Unique, I can see it being the latter… But what do you think it could have? Your artistic imagination can suggest something else :smirk:


Sounds fun, I’ll give them a go!


Gave it a try since your request gave me a slight inspiration. Dilo on an Ornithomimus body pretty much. Gave it some extra plumage along the back, the dilo frills are still present folded along the throat. The powerful running legs of the mimus and the powerful grasping forearms of the dilo. It may have lost the spitting defense mechanism since the boosted speed allows a quick get away from larger predators, as well as allows it to catch smaller animals for its consumption. It has the larger eyes and better vision of the mimus too. .


Interesting. The feathering is nice, and the lithe body represents the speed of both Dilo and Ornitho. It looks like a little troll of a bugger x3333


Monomimus 2.0? Haha


Lolz, I’d imagine it being an Epic rather than being a Legendary. It would be interesting if it was faster than Mono too, cause Ornitho is faster than Galli. But by one more speed, not a whole lot xD


Oh I like it. Fast and feathered with the head of Dilopho. Nice! :hugs:

I finished the outline of my version and I‘m gonna start coloring when I found my pencils lol. :joy:
I showed it my friends and they said I should keep it as an aggressive little biting carnivore.


@Dinobai18 Norgosaurus and Spiratosaurus


Ooommmggggg! That’s so coolio! Norgosaurus looks all sorts or bulky :hugs:
Watch out Badlands! Norgosaurus is coming for you!

And Spiratosaurus has all the attributes that hint at her ancestry. The feathers, the sail, the snout and claws… So cool! If she was in the game, I’d level her up for real!
Let’s go for the Ruins!


Spiratosaurus looks quite stunning man, i like norgosaurus too.
Lets hope ludia sees these artworks and adds some of these into the game, they look so much better and clean than many of their designs.


Also i imagined adding concavenator to spiratosaurus, would be a nice combo (maybe a bit overpowered with bleed, shattering counter-attack, nullifying, distracting and slowing moves).


Thanks guys! I really enjoyed doing those. I think for Spiratosaurus’s second fusion I’d go for Darwinopterus. It’d fit pretty well with the look and definitely boost up the moves. What do you guys think?