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JWA Artwork!


Yeah, darwi would be cool too


Bonus sketch! Had a few minutes to throw something together to complete the Spiratosaurus hybrid line. I added Darwinopterus as it’s second fusion donor. Presenting Neospiratus, or “New Spine Horn


I think it’s a great idea, it would look badass with a sail. Can’t wait for your sketch : )


Maybe proceratosaurus could help that ‘king of the sky’ look


OMG I love those
Spiratosaurus the deadly fluff and Norgosaurus the extra thick chomper!


Diplocaulus + Tyrannosaurus


Im no artist (but I can see it in my head) I want an Erl gen2 mimus unique. Lil bulkier with some plumage…


It might be a few days until I have some more spare time, but I’ll sketch those out when I can guys
@Bluesbaby any body type in mind for Diplo+Rex?


Whatever you think would be the most upsetting. He he! Maybe as a serious request though, Stegoraptor? A Raptor with Stegosaurus spines and a thagomizer at the end of a sturdy tail.


OMG, thagomizer and pounce in one dino…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


To be honest, i could do better with the stegosaur addition…my imagination is abit rusty!


A bit late, but here‘s my colored Ornithomimus/Dilophosaurus hybrid, Dilomimus.
I only had cheap pencils which broke sometimes and are terrible when mixing colors but I think it‘s clear how that little carnivore looks like in my head. :slight_smile:
What do you think?


Woo! Thats really neat!


I like it! Very nice work with the light feathers


Thank you very much. :hugs:


I just thought about another hybrid and used two species without hybrids. Have an idea what I mixed together? :smiley:
It‘s just a sketch, I wanna do the outlines tomorrow and then I‘m also going to colorate it sometimes.

After that project, I want to try a herbivore hybrid. :slight_smile:


Tany/conca, awesome combo!
If you want to color him, i suggest going for black with light Blue details.


I agree with @Uomobot that blue and black would look great on it.
You could try Stgyi G2 and Wuerho for a bone headed stego maybe? G2 Stgyi mostly for the colors
Or Edmonto and Euoplo for a tanky duck bill. I might even do that myself at some point lol


Ok then I‘ll go for that coloration idea. Black and blue, perhaps a black body with lighter blue tiger stripes and an icy blue eye? Interesting. What about the sail? Same coloration or rather different colo?

That Stygi hybrid idea is also nice I‘ll do it next. :slight_smile:


So pretty :heart_eyes:
Perhaps a good kit for this little beast could be:
evasive strike, nullifying rampage, distracting impact/impact and run, instant distraction. And of course immunity