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JWA Artwork!


You are motivating me to do more art :smile: Keep up the good work!!


Yeah I think the sail should be a different color, maybe some orange and a lighter kind of emerald blue?


I think it would look great with that giant sail on her back, can’t wait to see it


Spino Gen 2+Gryposuchus

What would be it’s kit? Would it be any good?




Looks awesome man, i would go with minor wounding strike (the one sarco has, don’t Remember its name), lockdown impact, short protection and lethal wound, lockdown/bleed combo would be a bit op though.


Thanks! I’m not really thrilled with how it turned out because I kinda cheated with the tail tuck since I didn’t have a full 15 to throw at it lol but I’m glad the general look is liked.
A serious lockdown bleeder was the vibe I had too. I think a set like yours should be allowed for a double epic fusion don’t you agree? Maybe 15% armor as well?


I really like the “skull” looking It has, the fact that Is a double epic fusion should make It “fair” with the moveset i proposed, 15% armor Is a bit overkill though, maybe 10?
Btw i hate lockdown/pinning moves, but combined with bleed they are extremely good, so i really hope to see a bleeder/pinner hybrid in the future.



I do like it love the back and her body but I would‘ve given her long jaws as she‘s made with Grypo DNA. I‘d imagine her head look something like a silver-grey Spinohead but more fragile and long jawed…you know what I mean? :slight_smile:
Will you do some coloration? Would love to see some. :slight_smile:

I‘m coloring my Tanator right now, I haven‘t had the time to do it earlier. I‘m pretty excited how you will find it. I tried some different coloration. :slight_smile:


I made another sketch before with the same body color but a bright, orange sail. I didn‘t like it, the difference between both was soooo big and imo too much.
That‘s why I decided to reduce that but I still wanted to make the sail individual. Hope it did work at least a bit lol. :joy:

Well I like her. :relieved:


That’s pretty awesome


Release the pyrogreus


I just realized there already exists a Thanator in Avatar. How about Concalagreus? :thinking:


That would be my first sketch.

This peaceful hybrid is bigger and more muscular than the common Stygimoloch Gen 2. It has the bone plates of Wuerhosaur and shares the body coloration with it, furthermore this hybrid has been created with strong forelegs making it able to walk on all four and protect itself with the sharp horns and plates on its back.
You should never underestimate this herbivore, although it is very peaceful and shows similar behavior like Stygimoloch, it also can be very aggressive and a tough opponent when it feels threatened.


I like her too, I want her on my team! Gut gemacht! Sorry for my German, but you will understand it. I think :blush:


Are those egg snatchers?


That‘s been my fastest work in a while. :joy::joy:


They both look stunning man!


That was my initial idea to give it thin jaws but it looked too much like Spinotahsuchus in my initial construction. I may do it’s second fusion with Arambourgiania to give it that thin, jagged profile. I usually only do color on commissioned pieces, but I’ll see about one at some point :wink:
Love the colored Tanator and Wuerhomoloch, both look incredible!


Which one? None of those are Oviraptors if thats what you meant