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JWA Artwork!


Thank you very much, guys. I really appreciate that. :slight_smile:
If you‘ve got any tips for me to improve myself or if you‘d like to see something changed just write! I‘m opened for every help and idea!

Now I ran out of ideas. Lets see what else can be mixed.
Or, perhaps I could mix my hybrids together? :thinking:


Something with Miragaia perhaps?


There is another thread made by dinomaster with a ton of Hybrid ideas if ran out of ideas or you could make some superhybrids for the Hybrids you created!


One picture reminded me of an episode of Land Before Time. Nice work!


Hey, what about a Monomimus Unique hybrid?

I don’t know what dino it would be paired with, but I’ve been thinking on it for hours now xDDD


Maybe combined with Erlko Gen 2? Result could be a big, beautiful bird covered in smooth feathers and armed with sharp claws?
The hybrid could get the immunity and nullifying from Monomimus and the rampage and distracting strike from Erliko. Oh, and the hp could be better. :hugs:

What do you think?


Should it be purple? Since the big red ostrich is… you know. Red :joy: … and Erlikosaurus gen 2 is blue, the results could be purple… maybe it is a transitioning color coding, where it is purple for the most part, until it gets to the feathers, where it is purple with red tips. Maybe a blue head and neck…

And yes, that sounds like a good moveset. Nullifying Strike, Nullifying Impact, Rampage, Debilitating Distraction.

I can see it having the Monomi frame, but just a tad thicker.


Would be cool with erliko frame too


Erliko’s frame would be interesting as well. Would it have a crest as well? Would be interesting to see…


Had a few minutes for another hybrid concept line
Dilophosaurus+Diplocaulus= Dilophocaulus

Dilophocaulus+Einiosaurus= Diceracaulus the crested, ceratopsian reindeer


Wow I really like these split horns! Don‘t like these from Diplocaulaus but the way you made them it looks cool and beautiful. Nice job!!

I started coloring my ErlikoGen2-Monomimus Superhybrid. I imagined a big, fluffy and colorful bird with spikes running down its spine and two hornsails on its head from Monomimus. It will get strong legs to be almost as fast as Monomimus and the powerful claws from Erliko.
Spines, horns, some colors and legs will be from Monomimus while body, strength and claws are will be used from ErlikoGen2. :slight_smile:



This huge bird is covered in big, smooth feathers making it able to survive cold climates for a certain time. The scientists of Jurassic World gave this hybrid the beauty of its genetic parents to show this creature during public events, especially children are supposed to see the advantages of genetic science.
Erlikomimus is a very strong, muscular bird with long claws and legs, making it able to move very fast. Its voice is unique, the bird is able to confuse predators and will always go for distance. Once it feel threatened, it can also fight back and can be a very strong opponent using its deadly sharp claws. Also, be always aware of its short beak. If the bird swings down its head, it can smash bones and skulls with the beak.


Now that’s the revenge for calling it the crazy chicken… :grin:


What do you mean? :smiley:


I love it, thanks for drawing that up. I really think this one’s a possibility and would be an awesome unique


oh very nice, i hope that monomimus get a unique hybrid


It really looks fierce and monomimus was called the crazy chicken. :smile:


Thank you all! :hugs:
Glad you like it, I thought she might just look too much like a bird than a dinosaur but yeah well.


Aaah now I get it, thank you! :joy:


You actually came very close to how I envisioned it in my head.