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JWA Artwork!


Yeah, really? :slightly_smiling_face:


awesome work!! i hope ludia uses your work


Thank you. But I‘m afraid Ludia won‘t contact the community for some hybrid ideas from the players. There are some ideas I‘d love to see realized in the game.


That is something I would not mess with, excellent design! I like how it kept the long spiky tail. It keeps it reminiscent of its hybrid parent.
Thanks on the diplo hybrids! That was something I had in mind also was to take something typically ugly and make something players would like the look of if we got it


@GermanRaptor these dino sketches of yours are absolutely amazing! I’m blown away


Thank you so much! :hugs:


Omg! This thing looks vicious! (Grr) :laughing:

This actually looks like it could be a legit cousin to Oviraptor. In any case, this thing is amazing and I would totally work towards getting that thing x33333


You guys would you say there‘s a way to contact Ludia directly and show them our hybrid ideas? Would be sooo cool if they‘d realize some of these so that we‘ll be getting our own, self-created hybrids! .

Yeah I know I could email them and perhaps the others could try too (or already did) but will they even react or answer? Or will they only send automatically written texts back?
That‘s what I think of right now.


I want to point out that 2 mods liked the drawings, could be nothing, but maybe they showed to the devs these artworks and maybe, i say maybe, they will put some of these in the game.
I would love their comments about this.


I’d like to see a hybrid of tyrannosaurus and triceratops (basically a tyrannosaurus with the horns, beak and frill of Triceratops) I’d call it tyrannoceratops, also a hybrid of ankytrosaurus and velociraptor (basically a velociraptor with the armor and spikes of ankytrosaurus and it has an ankylosaurus club tail with 3 sets of kentrosaurus tail spikes protruding from the club tail) it could be called ankytrotor


Sounds interesting, I‘ll make some sketches of these two. :slightly_smiling_face:

I also wanna do a hybrid with Proceratosaurus.


make megakylocosuchus(megalosuchus + ankylocodon) :sweat_smile:
@Terry_Syvertson here your tyrannoceratops :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: Greymon_tri


Hey German! Maybe an Epic hybrid between Proceratosaurus and Stygimoloch Gen 2. A low baller, attack distracting, stun inducing Hit-and-Runner with a swap in stun ability. Fear the Stygi DNA xDDD


Sounds nice, I‘ll make a sketch of that one. Should it look more like a little carnivore or more like an agile herbivore (like my Wuerhomoloch but just faster and not so big)?


I think it should have the theropod frame. For some reason, I like the idea of horned carnivores /^^


I thought it could be cool with indoraptor frame, but doesnt make sense.


Ok that were my first sketch before I saw your comments. ^^
It‘s very rough, I‘m sitting here during lesson lol.

But Indoraptor frame sounds cool, yeah.


I‘m also thinking of adding some sort of sail on the upper side of its neck.


The sail would be interesting.

And yeah, that’s kinda how I hoped the design would look. Is it bad that I’d rather have the Indo frames for crocs and the ‘Suchus’ creatures (ie. Postosuchus, Gorgosuchus)?

Here’s a challenge: what would Purrolyth and Stegoceratops hybrid look like? You ain’t gotta do this German, but anyone else could do it.


Some more concepts

Proceratosaurus+Diplocaulus gen 2: Proceracaulus
3750 HP, 0% armor, 1300 damage, 125 speed, 5% critical.
Kit: Nullifying strike, Slowing impact, Distracting impact, Instant distraction. Ability: Swap in distraction.

Proceratosaurus+Diplocaulus gen 2+Quetzalcoatlus: Protzalcautlus i guess?
4200 HP, 0% armor, 1140 damage, 124 speed, 10% critical.
Kit: Superiority strike, long protection, Distracting impact, Nullifying impact/Rampage and run. Ability: Swap in protection.