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JWA Artwork!


That moment when Diplocaulus DNA makes you look bomb diggity.

I mean, look at Proceracaulus. Over here looking like a hammerhead shark with legs :ok_hand::kissing_closed_eyes::ok_hand:


WOW She looks so beautiful and scary! And the Wuermoloch is amazing, cute but deadly!


LOL Thanx!


Even so I think you should keep it as Tanator, but Concalagreus is not bad.


That’s an awesome drawing and hybrid idea @GermanRaptor! I like using Tanycolagreus on my team because of its speed and blue is definitely my favourite colour.


Hi Ned,

Can you show the drawing of Tanatator to the right person inside Ludia?:wink: I want her on my team.:grin:


Wow, thank you so much!! :hugs::hugs::hugs:


This is an old work from ages ago. But enjoy. She is getting a rework. Also hello everyone. I am Grym, the 2nd-in-command of the Helix Project.


Like seriously ned, pass the idea to the devs, we ABSOLUTELY need it, tanator (i prefer tanyvenator though) has to become real.


Hi, welkom here on the Forum.

Framework or not, she looks scary :smile:. What do you think of the JWA artwork? We all love Tanatator and other designs made by Germanraptor.


Wow looks so cool nice job! Would love to seeit in color! :hugs:


Does anyone here know how to start a poll? when we got 50 yes for Tanator, Ludia should create her.:smile:


@GermanRaptor i would like to see your sketch hybrid of brachiosaur +gorgosuchus with huge front limbs thats make it look gorilla :joy:


Sounds funny. I want to continue that ProceratoStygo Moloch because I don‘t like my sketch lol but at the moment I‘m very busy with studying. But once I found some time, I‘ll work on her and after that I‘ll try a bulky aggressive giant. :thinking:


Lets try this out! :smiley:

Should we get Tanator?

  • Yes
  • No

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Germanraptor design of Tanator


So…a Concavenator & Tanycolagreus hybrid? Interesting…might incorporate her into the Helix Project, if that is alright with @GermanRaptor… I need more information about her too: stats, recipe, size, animation…


Diploceratus and Proquetzaldiplus


I need the full recipe. Every basic component and actual hybrid plz…

And… @GermanRaptor would you like to join the Helix Project over at our discord, as an ambassador between us and the people here?


Thanx I’m not good at the name stuff lol