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JWA Artwork!


Im not germanraptor, but i like concept arts and ideas in general, so i was wondering, can i join the helix project too?
Im horrible at drawings but i have many ideas, im already on the metahub discord.


Hey @GermanRaptor, you could try mixing Edmontosaurus with your Wuerhomoloch if you like the idea. I imagine like a duck faced danger potato XD


Hey guys,

woah happened a lot here. :smiley:

Well, sounds nice, I‘ll think about the stats tomorrow and add some text to Tanator.
Yes, I definitely would like to be a part of it, I read about that project and I find it very interesting. How exactly is my part going to look like? :smiley: So what shall I do?

So, tomorrow I‘ll redraw that StygiProcerato Hybrid and perhaps I‘ll start coloring it. After that, I wanna try out that GorgoBrachi Hybrid.
And because Isaah_Wii said it, I think after these projects I‘ll try making a superhybrid with one of mine hybrids.

Also, thanks for the votes you don‘t know how happy I am that some like my work!

Actually, I really enjoy ‚sitting‘ together with you and creating new hybrids together! It‘s so much fun!
Hopefully, I‘ll have some more freetime the next few days. :sweat_smile:



Me too, except I’m much later to the party!! Haven’t really been on here much as of late, but this is the kind of thread that made me :heart: this place to begin with. Love the dino art. Thank y’all.


@GermanRaptor trying to mix brachio head with gorgosuchus…
Looks like nothing change :sweat_smile:


Something like this? Or more bulky gorilla legs and Gorgo-like head?
Looks still like a brachi, I think I should make the Gorgo parts more seeable.


with gorgohead ithink or she will be mistaken for nodopatotitan :thinking:
dcfae575-0c84-406f-bed7-0e59a4d97420_1547115765723 how about this ? I think front limbs should be bigger than this


Oh ok I had another picture in my head. Yes, that looks cool I try another sketch but later I‘m sitting in my lesson lol.
I changed the head, it got a bit too big but well…:joy:
You‘re right, it looks similar to Nodotitan.

I‘ll take my sketch away and make another one, maybe today in the evening. ^^

Btw, I like your technique! Perhaps I should use PS again haven‘t used it since months.


That thing is so ugly imo. :joy::joy::joy:
Maybe I could give it big claws on the forelegs. :thinking:


try it half of its neck cut off and compare it with long neck one ? with compact bodies and thinier tail ? which one looks more badass


What do you mean with half of its neck? Making it shorter? :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah shorter


And when you use the coloration of gorgo? I think it looks very good.


new move unlock :

invincible advantage :deal 1.5x damage.gain invicible for 1 turn.destroy opponent’s shields.bypass armor .


As an NICU nurse, many that I have known who have passed way too early- now see what these magnificent reptiles really look like. Thank you for your insightful, artistic creativity!!


That looks sick! It would be a ruthless chomper tank!


Thanks. What do you think should I try make a colored version of Gorgoria or make a new sketch?


Color it. Have you heard anything about that Helix project? I’m curious :blush:, your designs would be an asset. :+1:


Well I looked at it but didn‘t find how to make an account there so I‘ll do it later when I‘m sitting before my computer. :joy:
A bit tricky with smartphone.


Are you a student at the art academy ? You are very good. I think it’s a gift, when you can draw what people think.