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JWA Artwork!

Wow. This is some really detailed stuff. Nice work. This is definitely leagues better than what I can do, and I am the most artistic member in the family, so great job!

This was my first real attempt at drawing Blue. And I gotta say I think I did phenomenal. I never drew her before, so I am surprised at how well this turned out.


Just practice and you will get better, but I think she is beautiful.

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That looks pretty good I really like it. :+1:t2: But I would continue with trying to shade it. Gives it a more realistic look.
Oh and I would also mention what reference I used. I watched the tutorial video some weeks ago. :wink:
That‘s no offense but plz always credit other artist’s work if u use it as 1:1 reference. :slight_smile:


a big headed baby ornithomimus


This is the first time I drew two dinosaurs fighting each other. In here, it’s the infamous prehistoric combat rivals, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus rex. Though they never fought onscreen, they did in the Telltale game, Jurassic Park the Game, and in JWA, the fight once again! Who will win?


Reminds me of that trailer for JWE

Sketch of a Carbotoceratops redesign. I really wish the official artists would quit just gluing spikes all over a model and call it a hybrid. Anyways, I fixed it


Carboto is cute. This is cute and awesome! Noice

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Possible hybrids of me


Definite strike
Rending strike
Maiming wound
Long protection
Lockdown counter

Health: 4000
Attack: 1200
Speed: 126
Amor: 15
Crit: 10

Next up

Health: 3000
Attack: 1400
Speed: 128
Amor: 0
Crit: 5

Evasive strike
Gashing wound
Instant pinning strike
Immune to DoT
Immune to deceleration


“Amour” ? In my language that’s mean love lol

Some of you may or may not remember the first hybrid I made for one of @DinoMaster3000’s community challenges, Achillocarcharia.

Now, I present to you a more polished version with a cooler name!

And a little something I’ve been doing. Giving this thing multiple superhybrids! I call this project, Project Phoenix Revival (based off revive phoenix of course)

And finally

Akydeilos(Spike Crocodile)
(Afysikontas+Spinosaurus G1)


Lethal Wound
Definite Impact( without delay cuz delay is stupid)

Cancellation- Deal 2x damage. Gain any positive effect the target has for 2 turns. Remove target’s positive effects

Akydeilos is the ultimate spinosaurid. Its small neural spines make it less vulnerable than its ancestor, while the stronger jaw and higher intelligence it inherited from Afysikontas make it an excellent hunter.

I hope you guys like this



Ok, I fixed it

Darwetzopteryx redesign sketch. I probably should have given it smaller eyes but oh well


I love the improvements @Erlikdom!

That carbo redesign looks amazing @Death_Raptor! It’s a much more natural looking combination of the two. I do often wish they would consult our “art department” for the best looking hybrids possible lol


I am actually a little mad at myself right now. Months ago, I wanted to make a hybrid entry for those Forum design hybrid competitions, and one of my ideas was a hybrid that had raptor, pterosaur, and snake DNA.

Not just any DNA. Titanoboa DNA.

I was entertaining the idea of the notion of a flying snake, since people like to play with that as a fictional fear. Well, not flying snake exactly, but the Boa would’ve been apparent in the design. At least I hope. Still not very good at drawing. I just never got around to making it - I’m mad because if I did make it and post it, I fear that people would think that I was taking ideas from Ludia, talking about how I took the idea of a Titanoboa hybrid.

Then again, that’s silly, considering how JW:TG exists…

Now that Titanoboa is “officially” out, I did a lil doodle of Baja + Titanoboa, because I think it’s real cool


Spiky boop noodle

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Sorry that I have not posted something for a while. I’ve been verry busy with school and stuff.
But now I’ve made something new: kelenkovator
Diplovenator + kelenken

Health: 3000
Damage: 1200
Speed: 131
Armor: 0%
Critical: 5%

Definite strike
Distracting impact
Raking claws
Instant distraction (image says different)
Defense shattering counter
Immune to deceleration (image says different)