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Jwa August news

Gamepress realesed Jwa August AC and daily mission rewards.

To save time here is the news

AC reward: Skoonasaurus
Championship length: 5 weeks
DMR: Antarctipelta


i want compy ludia not antarctopelta


Good thing is the 5 week championship

i rarely see ludia make another 5 week. Or is it ludia is making 5 weeks for every championship

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Rip compy :sleepy:


Oh no compy. Well at least i can finally unlock antarctovenator and skoonasaurus


Well we at least can dart him this week


antarctovenator is not a good creature. skoona is the good one

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Atleast I can create my Scorpius rex

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Yep. But i am closer to unlock venator than skoona and we have a championship for skoonasaurus so i need antarctopelta more

It’s not bad, it’s unique hybrid is good :eyes:


lol Ludia don’t “make” 5 week championships.

People need to understand that all you need to do is look at your calendar and work out when a 5 week will be and when a 4 week will be.

As we all know, the alliance tournament runs from first monday of the month till the next first monday of the month at which point the next tourney starts. Some of those will be 4 weeks and some will be 5 weeks.

The next 12 months will be:

Aug - 5
Sep - 4
Oct - 4
Nov - 5
Dec - 4
Jan - 5
Feb - 4
Mar - 4
Apr - 4
May - 5
Jun - 4
Jul - 4


I can get skoona at least.


Nah Antar is good enough


I dont even have antar yet

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I like skoona but not antarcto!!


yeah skoona is stronger


I’m very excited for JWA August events!

Skoonasaurus… is Skoonasaurus. Nothing to complain there. So very happy it’s the AC reward next month, on top of it being a five week one too.

I’m also very excited for antaritcopelta. It’s hybrid is “meh” currently. Not really extraordinary for raids nor PvP. However what excitements me is the fact that it’s event exclusive dna that we can get for free, instead of grinding sanctuary’s! So if antarticovenator were to ever get buffed and placed in the meta people would be ready to level.

I must say though, was expecting compy as that’s one of the most valuable dna types currently. For fusing and advantage leveling. But, we did have dodo last month so I guess Ludia can’t spoil us too much, although I would be more than welcomed for them to do so :upside_down_face:

With all being said, August looks great for JWA especially with the possible patch notes releasing in the next few weeks.


No ventator is actually pretty good against ceramagnus so it’s not all trash!

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I’m actually pretty happy about this. The Alliance Championship is one of my favorites in a long time (Because the Houseboat is top-tier), and Antarctopelta is a pretty nice reward. Plus, next week we get opportunities to dart Woolly Mammoth which I need to get started on Entelolania.

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