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JWA awards

Welcome veterans and new comers to the JWA awards where we will crown 1 dinosaur based on your opinion. Let’s see what awards we have this year
Most broken
Fallen from grace(became one of the best to one of the worst)
Natural born killer(became broken the moment it was released)
Trash to treasure(became one of the worst to one of the best)
Most loved(most loved by the community)
And if course the Queen award which is given to the best dinosaur in the game.

So it take away my friends

Most broken: it’s a tie between gemini and the chicken.
Fallen from grace: Monomimus (and soon Carnotarkus if the rumors are true)
Natural born killer: Indoraptor G2.
Trash to treasure: the chicken.
Most loved: Tryko.
Queen: Gemini.


Most broken: entelemoth
Fallen from Grace: diloracheirus
Natural Born Killer: Not Sure here, but from others saying how Monominimis was the best when Skye came out, imma say her or indo g2.
Trash to treasure: Dracoceratops (totally fell back down but it was up there for a while)
Most loved: Maxima
Queen: Rexy

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Most broken:enetlemoth
Fallen from grace: dilocherius
Natural born killer: mammolainia
Trash to treasure: sarcoxixis
Most loved: indo(the OG one)


Most broken, well, it has, and will always be, the Rat


Most broken: Tied between Mammolania & Gemini
Fallen From Grace: Monomimus
Natural Born Killer: Entelomoth
Trash to Treasure: Sarcorixis & Diorajasuar
Most Loved: Tryko
Queen: Tryko

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Most broken : That stupid Moth

Fallen from Grace : Monostegotops

(I know the change since 1.9 isn’t a nerf but god they become so annoying to fight I’d rather fight a Gemini or Lania than any of those stupids ceratopsians and you know Monostego is the strongest of them)

Natural born killer : Ludia’s logic

Trash to treasure : Spinoconstrictor in the next update

Queen : Titanoboa



Broken: Moth

Fall: Mimus

Killer: Lania

Trash to treasure: Gemini

Queen: Also Gemini but preferably tryko ( it’s an armor trex, come on! )

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Whatchu talking about in the next update? What’s happening with Spinoconstrictor?

Most Broken: Entelomoth. It’s the easiest High Tyrant to Create and level, plus it’s fast, so revenge-killing it without Phorusaura is practically impossible.

Fallen from Grace: Diloracheirus. I don’t know if grace accurately describes what Monomimus had.
Utarinex and Pyrritator are honourable mentions.

Natural Born Killer: Indoraptor G2 just seems to fit the best. Mammolania and Entelomoth aren’t natural lol.

Trash to Treasure: Suchotator. Honourable mentions are Purrolyth, Geminititan and Sarcorixis

Most loved: Suchotator and Trykosaurus. I’d say it’s a tie. Indoraptor and Indominus rex are contenders.

The queen: Wouldn’t this award technically go to the Most Broken dino? I don’t think it should, so I’m going to say Suchotator again, along with Indominus rex. Two great creatures that can carry a player from the lower arenas almost into the endgame.

The most broken dino doesn’t have to be the best. Maybe someone thinks that ardent is the best but thinks that proceratomimus is the most broken

Most broken: Entelomoth

Fallen from grace: Monostego

Natural born killer: Indo G2

Trash to treasure: Grypolyth

Most loved: Tryko (because of balance)

Queen award: Apato :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Monostego is still really good

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Most broken: Entelomoth
Fallen from grace: Monomimus (top 3 to trash and kept getting nerfed)
Natural born killer: entelomoth
trash to treasure: grypo
Most loved: Monolorhino and spinoconstrictor
Queen: Indominus Rex. It was sad to replace her

Yes, @Qiew, Rexy is totally the Queen

2.0 version :grin:
Fallen from Grace: Moth lost everything
Natural Born killer: Huh, probably Indo Gen2
Trash to Treasure: Monolorhino
Most loved: Tryko, then became most hated so…Alloraptor
Queen: Rexy(Is it really a competition?
There you go, @Earlidominus