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JWA battle at big rock themed tournament on discord

Hello. You are invited to my tournament. Players will choose one of the new dinos as their leader dino for their team. Such as nasutoceratops, carbonemys, allosaurus gen 2 and then make the rest of their team from the list of dinos provided. There are no legendary or unique dinos.
The highest placed people in the final standings from each of the different dino leaders will win a different prize. A set of the matel big rock toys are going to be given out. some cash codes for USA players, discord nitro. other prizes and random drawings for participants.
Pairings posted on sunday evening.

List of dinos you will use
Allosaurus Ankylocodon Ankylosaurus AnkylosaurusGen2 Brontolasmus Brontotherium DiliphosaurusGen2 Dimetrodon DimetrodonGen2 Diplocaulus Einasuchus Einasaurus Elasmotherium Euplocephalus Gallimimus IndominusrexGen2 MarsupialLion MonolophosaurusGen2 Ophiacodon Ornithomimus Phorusrhacos Postimetrodon Secodontosaurus Sinoceratops Stegoceratops Thylacotator Triceratops TriceraptosGen2 Velociraptor

Dino leaders - only one dino from this list is allowed per team
Carbonemys AllosaurusGen2 Nasutoceratops Kelenken Entelodon