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JWA Battles (#1) Erlikospyx VS Elidominus

Elidominus vs Erlikopyx
Welcome to episode 1 of JWA battles today we are going to do a battle between The spino hybrid and the indom hybrid who will win???

Erlikospyx stats
Height: 5.1m

Length: 7.3m

Weight: 5 tons

Bite force: 1 ton

Weapons: teeth and claws

Advantages: More social, Faster, can fit into small gaps

Disadvantages: Smaller, Dumber, less sneaky, weaker bite.

Name Meaning: Erlik’s spiny claw

Erlidominus stats
Height: 2.3m

Length: 9.3m

Weight: 5.1 tonnes

Bite force: 1 ton

Weapons: Cloak, Bite, claws, spikes

Advantages: Bigger,smarter, can be invisible, Heavier, bite stronger

Disadvantages: Shorter, if bitten while cloaking can be seen, less social.

Name Meaning: Erlik’s Untamable One

The fight
An Erlidominus is attacking a Utahsinoraptor. A swift swipe through the stomach kills the Utahsinoraptor. It roars. Meanwhile 3 Erlikospyx are starving when they come across the dead Utahsinoraptor and Erlidominus. The Erlikospyx’s roar at the Erlidominus. It simply growls back. But the Erlikrospyx’s get violent. One Erlikrospyx goes and bites the Erlidominus at the neck while the other 2 bite at the legs. The Erlidominus cloaks but blood still trickles out of its neck and legs. The Elidrominus skewers the smallest Erlikospyx. Dead. The Erlidominus bites the middle Erlikrospyx’s neck it breaks its neck. Now it’s a one on one fight. The faster Erlikrospyx runs up to the Erlidominus and bites its neck and it holds on. The Erlidominus roars in pain and then drops out of the Erlikrospyx’s jaws. Dead. The Erlikrospyx roars in triumph and now gets 2 meals.

The winner is


erlikos group attacking like raptors.

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thx andrew so much

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I’ve made a fight similar to this, though I narrated it so can’t share. I like the story though.

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#art Thx to snake_Dude for the art.