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JWA battles #1 indoraptor vs indominus (what happens in an actual one on one in game

ok, this is based off of who wins in a PVP battle, not if they were to fight irl. first of all into would go for evasive stance and indom would go for cloak. second turn, into would go for cunning strike most likely miss and do about 330 dmg to indom and distracting him, then indom goes for its big hit and most likely miss doing about 400 (I set the stats lvl 21 btw) next turn, the into goes for cunning strike again doing 1000 damage, the indom would go for its impact this time only doing about 300 dmg. indoraptor would probably go for cunning impact this turn and indom would go for its rampage again doing around 800 cause distract. in the final turn the indoraptor would go for its amor piercing rampage and finish of indom. next up, tortoise vs patatoaurus.

Umm first of all, matchups are level 26, not 21, because 21 isn’t even numbers

Second of all, indom would win, big time

Indo: ES
Indom: API, for 750

Indo 3150
Indom 4500

Indom: Cloak
Indo: APR for 933

Indo 3150
Indom 3667

Indo CS
Indom APR

Indom wins if hits thru dodge

If not
Indom does APR for 1400

Indo 1750
Indom 2267 (if no dodge)/ 3200 (if dodge)

If indom dodges the second hit, he wins if no Crit

Third of all, indo has cleansing impact, not cunning impact


Against my indom haha.

I’m setting stats to level 21 ok?

It just gonna be a lot harder for people to understand your point

Darn otherwise the results against my 30 both 30 gen one and 2 its the result of the vid lol.

My indom usually kills both gen 1 and 2 both lvl 30 like in the vid but mines max boosted.