JWA Battles 1

A Ceramagnus has been seen eating some grass and does not notice the danger it is in. A starving Refrenantem has been eyeing it for days, but due to its size, it can’t take the Ceramagnus head-on, so it waits patiently for the right opportunity to strike. Finally, the day comes. Though Refrenatems are usually solitary, preying on smaller organisms, but when food is scarce, they band together to take down larger prey. For the first time in days, the Ceramagnus eats. Ceramagnuses do not eat often and are always on guard as it is not safe in this woods, but when they do eat, they eat to their hearts content and stop looking out for danger. This is when they are most vulnerable. Two Refrenatems spring up from behind the Ceramagnus and in super distraction style, aim for the head to stun and distract the Ceramagnus. However, the Ceramagnus resisted the stun and with a precise rampage, kill a Refrenatem. However, the Ceramagnus did not expect a third Refrenatem to pounce in a cunning rampage it. Distracted and not wanting to deal low damage, the Ceramagnus acute stuns them while it removes the distarction the Refrenatems caused. It then uses group accelaration and increases it speed. Now no longer stunned, the Refrenatems come in for an attack, but the Ceramagnus is quicker and precise rampage another Refrenatem. The final Refrenatem nullifies Ceramagus’s acceleration and come in with a cunning rampage, nearly killing Ceramagnus, but Ceramagnus stuns it again and wants to kill it but it thought it would be just a waste of energy and leaves to feast somewhere else. When the Refrenatem awakes, it gets chomped on by a Mortem.

This battle was close but Ceramagus would have won. It is so much bigger than the Refrenatem ( about 3x bigger ), so it would win, but barely



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Wow! Nice one!

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