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JWA Battles 10 Clash of Horns

A Mammolania was searching for food when it spots the greenest, freshest patch of grass. A
Brontolasmus also spots it a begins walking to the patch of grass where it meets Mammolania. Tension begins to rise between the two creatures as they charge towards each other. They lock horns with each other and try to flip the other over, but Mammolania gains the upper hand as it weighs roughly 6,000 kg, making it both difficult to knock down and capable of toppling most opponents. Mammolania begins to overpower Brontolasmus, but as a last resort, Brontolasmus lands a Group Decelerating Rampage to Mammolania’s face , but with its armor, Mammolania is not even affected by the hit, its speed is not even reduced. No other choice, Brontolasmus hits Mammolania with a Taunting Rampage. The taunting attracts an Einiasuchus, which comes charging. Brontolasmus moves out of the way and Einiasuchus hits Mammolania. Brontolasmus begins walking away, clearly no match for the rest, but Dracoceratops appears and acute stuns it. Dracoceratops charges forward and impales Brontolasmus with a Fierce Impact. Einiosaurus, meanwhile was just at the corner, hiding from all the chaos, not affected at all, but when Mammolania accidentally hits it with a Resilient Rampage when Einiasuchus dodged its attack, Einiosuchus gets serious. It heals itself and charges towards Mammolania. Meanwhile, Brontolasmus has trouble removing Dracoceratops’s horns from its body and when it eventually does, attacks Dracoceratops with a Group Decelerating Rampage. However, Dracoceratops counters with a Cleansing Impact and regains its original speed. Things were getting heated, Dracoceratops’s horns were stuck between Brontolasmus’s horns, they pull and pull with all their might, but when their horns were no longer stuck, Brontolasmus accidentally chips off Dracoceratops horns and it flies off, piercing Einiosaurus, it bellows in pain and Mammolania takes this opportunity and flips Einiosaurus over. Brontolasmus charges at the Dracoceratops and Dracoceratops does the same, but this time Dracoceratops evades the charge and as Brontolasmus charged by, sticked its horns into Brontolasmus’s body, slicing apart Brontolasmus but in turn breaking its last big horn. However, since it is only broken at the upper part, it will grow back soon. Einiosaurus, meanwhile is having a hard time getting up and Mammolania starts stomping on it, crushing, Einosaurus. Einiasuchus charges in and tries to impale Mammolania, but when its horn comes into contact with Mammolania’s armor, it cracks, nearly breaking. Einiasuchus then tries a different technique, using a Greater Stunning Strike on Mammolania, but it was immune to stun and finishes Einiasuchus by tossing it into the air. Mammolania was about to eat the patch of grass when Dracoceratops finishes Mammolania with a Fierce Impact that breaks its armor, using its remaining tiny horns. Dracoceratops then eats the patch of grass, at the cost of its two large horns.

Buddha once said, "It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles.Then the victory is yours. It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.”

Dracoceratops would clearly win but it is a bit unfair cause it is the only fierce, so breaking the other’s armor would be easy for it.




nice and very long

What did you expect, this is a day’s work :sweat_smile:

  • Teeth
  • Claws
  • Spikes
  • Clubs
  • Beaks

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Hey, this was amazing! I see you are putting a lot of effort for it. In my dream, it was like you had a youtube channel and created a playlist called “JWA Battles” and put all of these in there as animated videos.

Might think about making a YouTube channel in the future, for now I will focus on my studies

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Btw, in your dream tell me what you think I am


Characteristic ( one )

Real name

Cool / In between / Nerd

I only saw your screen…

And your channel name was “Flame”

Then it is someone else cause I do not have a YouTube channel

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Clue for the next battle ( i am working on it now ) there will be no packs for any raptors as research showed that unlike Jurassic World, they did not hunt in packs nor attacked larger creatures, but for battle sake, treat them as if they would take on larger creature, just without packs, so Part 9 poukandactylus flock was a mistake

Part 11 Claws of death is out

Wait I will check

Forget it, I will give you the link

I read it.