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JWA Battles 11 Claws of Death

A dead Smilocephalosaurus can be seen laying on the ground and its scent is quickly picked up by a Deinonychus which rushes over and begins picking scraps of meat of it, but Erlikogamma sees it stealing its meal and chases it away. However, both creatures hear a sound and when they look back, see a Quetzorion pounce out of the bushes. Deinonychus, seeing it, runs away, having an seen a Quetzorion take down an Apatosaurus. Not so impressive as the Apatosaurus was a juvenile, but since Quetzorion is tiny compared to it, it was feared by the smaller dinosaurs. Erlikogamma roars ( I do not know what sound it makes so I just used roar ) at Quetzorion but its aggressiveness kicks in and without warning, pounces onto Erlikogamma and was tearing chunks of flesh of Erlikogamma. Erlikogamma slashes Quetzorion but did not expect it had armor so thick that its claws did no damage. ( Long Invincibility ) Erlikogamma fearfully runs away but Quetzorion catches up to it and was going to deliver a fatal blow to end Erlikogamma whenthe ‘rock’ it was standing on begins getting up, revealing Eremoceros. By now, Quetzorion’s invincibility had worn of and Eremoceros was able to stab Both of Quetzorion’s legs, slowing it down greatly. Meanwhile, Erlikogamma escapes but accidentally bumps into Purrolyth. No wanting to pick up a fight, Erlikogamma runs pass Purrolyth, ignoring it, but Purrolyth’s No Escape kicks in and it grabs Erlikogamma’s legs, but Erlikogamma was immune and sliced of Purrolyth’s arm and continues running to find a safe place to rest. Deinonychus with its keen sense of smell, smells blood and rushes over, just to find Purrolyth waiting there. Purrolyth, angry at one of its arms being sliced of now had more attack ( Ferocious Strike ) and slowly regenerates its arm with Heal while attacking Deinonychus with a Defense Shattering Strike. Deinonychus dodges that attack with a Evasive Strike but gets hit with Rending Counter Attack. Deinonychus gets desperate and does a High pounce, but Purrolyth does not get killed and prepares to finish Deinonychus. Meanwhile, Eremoceros is doing a bad job killing Quetzorion. It gets worn down eventually and gives up, surrendering to its fate, but Erlikogamma wanting to get revenge on Quetzorion rushes over and with a single stab to its heart, kills it. Eremoceros camouflages to not get found by Erlikogamma and when it least expects it, pierces through Erlikogamma’s body. It had just nice used a strike and run, so escaped before Eremoceros could land another hit. It walks slowly, all it ever wanted was to eat its meal in peace but was force to fight. it drops to the ground and dies. Eremoceros was walking around and found Purrolyth attacking poor Deinonychus and decides to ignore, but when Purrolyth kills Deinonychus, It does a Ferocious Strike and also kills Eremoceros.

To be honest, I cried while writing the part where Erlikogamma dies, so I will be making a sequel called Erlikogamma’s life as JWA Battles 12.



  • Spikes
  • Clubs
  • Beaks
  • Teeth
  • Flocks
  • Mystery

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For part 12

Aadithya, have you read it

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Yes. It was amazing, but if I were to play the game with erlikogamma when eremoceros camouflaged, I would have used a precise pounce.

True, that could counter dodge

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And it is immune to distraction/reduced damage also

Thanks for the feedback

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No Problem

So so sorry, I will not be writing Erlikogamma’s Story, but I will be writing part 12 soon

It’s OK. No Probs

Part 13 is out

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Is Smilocephalosaurus the hybrid that you need for smilonemeys

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Yes. Smilocaphalosaurus + Carbonemys = Smilonemys

Ok, thanks I couldn’t remember

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Can you please make life of erlikogamma I’m begging you here also idea for a chapter a flock of rinchenias and Ovi raptors are migrating and get attacked by rincheniyons so they team up to defeat them please make that chapter I’m begging you

Shall I make it?

What are rincheniyons

That new rinchenia hybrid

Yes please both of them

Ok. It will come in about 5 hours