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JWA Battles 12 Super Spike Slash ( SSS )

Wuerhosaurus was munching on some leaves when it felt a spike gash across its body. Dsungaia was fending of a Tyrannolophosaur but accidentally hit Wuerhosaurus. What’s worse was that just a few moments ago, Dsungaia had used a Group Ferocity and increased damage, so the attack knocked Wuerhosaurus down to a very low health. Seeing that it had a counter, Wuerhosaurus ran off, worried of being killed by the counter and the next attack if it dealt any damage to it. Suddenly, something chomped into it, Diorajasaur. ( Did you predict of Diorajasaur entering the fight ? ) The Resilient Rampage that Diorajasaur dealt to Dsungaia knock the wind out of it and it was now vulnerable. Dsungaia thinks it can’t get worse but Wuerhosaurus returns, dealing a Group Decelerating Rampage to Dsungaia. Dsungaia counters both creatures and heals itself, mending its wounds. Seeing Wuerhosaurus as easy meal, Diorajasaur targets it and chomps down on it, reducing its health to 1 hp! Wuerhosaurus knows it cannot take another hit and leaves. Meanwhile, Dsungaia finished healing and attacked Diorajasaur, but it sets up an Instant Invincibility Taunt and blocks that attack, but the taunt attacks a Stegoceratops who charges over and hits Diorajasaur with a Swap In Stunning Strike, which was deflected by the strong armor ( Invincibility ), but it still stunned it. Dsungaia ( Herbivores are no smart ) thought Stegoceratops was attacking it and hits it with a Shielded Decelerating Strike which slows Stegoceratops down, but Stegoceratops hits it with a Greater Stunning Strike which stuns Dsungaia. Now both were stunned, Stegoceratops hits them repeatedly with its tail, but the now not stunned Diorajasaur, bites with another Resilient Rampage and swings its tail at Stegoceratops with a Resilient Strike. That double hit would have killed Stegoceratops but the armor Stegoceratops kept it alive. Now at low health, it did a Dig In and healed up while Diorajasaur does a Group Taunting Shields, which attracts a Stegosaurus. It actually already had some wounds and it turns out it crossed paths with Wuerhosaurus. Defending itself, Wuerhosaurus strikes at Stegosaurus which entices it to kill Wuerhosaurus. Stegosaurus swings at Diorajasaur, but the attack was shielded and Diorajasaur in turn does a Raking Counter-Attack to Stegosaurus. Meanwhile, Dsungaia wakes up just for Stegosaurus to accidentally slash it and for Diorajasaur to accidentally bite it. It was in the middle of the two creatures and this was the price it had to pay. It drops to the ground and dies. Diorajasaur bites down on Stegosaurus, but suddenly lets go as Stegoceratops was charging at it. Stegoceratops lands in a tree and its horns are stuck. Stegosaurus fights Diorajasaur, buts loses and dies as its neck was bitten. Being stuck in the tree, Stegoceratops looks helplessly as Dioraja kills and eats it.

Diorajasaur would have won as it was a carnivore. Besides being smarter, it could also deal more damage with its teeth. The stegosauridaes do not stand a chance.



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Is the battle over? Or is there a part B?

I liked it. Interesting story

It’s finished, overview is saying why dio won

Ok. I asked because you always put photos like


(Image from JWA Toolbox Dinodex)

Yup that’s the overview

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Pls vote in this poll. The next battle ( working on it now ) will be a normal one

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Rarity royale will only continue ( or finally stop) if 10 people answer the poll on whether I should continue