JWA Battles 13

An innocent Tragodistis was munching on some leaves, but it hears a claw tapping. It gets worried and looks around fearfully when Indoraptor jumps out and bites into its body, killing it. The Indoraptor was about to dig into the Tragodistis, when its a rustling of leaves catches its attention. It could hear something approaching but it could not see what it was until it was too late. An Indotaurus revealed itself and landed a Cleansing Rampage. Indoraptor reacted quick and dodged the attack with an Evasive Stance. Indotaurus was furious and roared loudly and then attacked Indoraptor. That roar intimidated Indoraptor but it attacked with a Cleansing Impact and it removed the intimidation. ( Vulnerability )Indotaurus was very tired and needed to rest before it could use its abilities ( Cooldown ) and could only do a small Fierce Strike. Not missing another beat, Indoraptor rushed forward and bit Indotaurus with a devastating critical Armor Piercing Rampage. The attack caused Indotaurus to roar in pain and it countered Indoraptor’s attack with a Greater Rending Counter-Attack. However, Indoraptor’s dodge was still active and the attack did not do much to it. Indotaurus having rested enough, again, used its Cleansing Rampage, that was too much for Indoraptor and it tried running away but Indotaurus cloaked and when Indoraptor was least expecting it, jumped in front of Indoraptor to stop it from escaping and revealins itself through the cloak ( Pesky Alert ) and lands and Intimidating Impact onto it, Indoraptor nearly died, but it smiles. This confuses Indotaurus until it smells something, it turns around just in time to see a Scorpius Rex fling it’s quills at it. ( Lethal Quill Shot ) Indotaurus begins bleeding furiously and it does a Cleansing Rampage to Scorpius Rex. Seeing that it was no match for Indotaurus, Scorpius Rex runs away, activating Indotaurus’s cloak. ( Scorpius Rex escaped as it has resistance against swap prevention ) Indoraptor is left alone and it has no idea where it’s enemy is, it takes a shot and attacks the air and manages to hit Indotaurus. Indotaurus is knocked back, but still lives. Indoraptor realises that it’s efforts where useless against the merciless killer, even luck could not help it. Indotaurus finishes Indoraptor and stains the forest floor with red.

Indotaurus would have definitely won with its cloak and with Indoraptor not immune to rend, Indotaurus will win. Indotaurus’s cleansing will really help in battle and in real life, the intimidating impact would have made other creatures run away as they are, well, intimidated, resulting in Indotaurus activating its cloak.




Who won the match?

Indotaurus, my IPad did not allow me to post pictures

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Finally, managed to convince my parents to give me back my computer

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Oh K. Nice story!

  • Clubs
  • Flocks
  • Teeth
  • Beaks
  • Constriction
  • Healing

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For the rarity royale

I would like to see a Baryonyx in the next story, claws is over, so voted for teeth.

Got suspended on my real account, hence the ‘anon’ but Lucia can’t stop me from making more JWA Battles for you guys

Part 14 coming soon if I don’t get suspended on this account

What does anon mean there are lots of people with this name also @anon89249274 check out my topics off topic jwa thread and jwa rage thread I was about to invite you

Sure, I will take a look at your rage thread

Anon means anonymous fyi

Thanks for telling me

By the way, though most of you voted for constriction, but I realised JWA has a shortage of snakes sooo

Clubs it is for part 14

Part 14 is out :innocent: