JWA Battles 2

This is part 2 of JWA Boss Battles, if you have not seen the fist one, make sure to check it out.

A Mortem storms into the jungle, it roars triumphantly as all the smaller dinosaurs scatter in fear. It bathed in the glory of being the ‘Death King’ . However, something out of the ordinary happened. The scattering dinosaurs start running towards Mortem. It could not make sense of what was going on. It thought the creatures needed a reminder of who’s king and ate a few dinosaurs , but they still kept running towards it. Just then, a glow could be seen in the dark, a sound could be heard. That was when Mortem saw it, Hadros Lux. Mortem was infuriated at the thought of there being a new king and with a fierce impact, crushing Hadros’s sail. Hadros countered with a medium resilient counter attack, aiming for Mortem’s legs, making it vulnerable. Hadros knew it could not take another hit like this a healed itself. Mortem, however thought Hadros was giving up and instead of a fierce rampage went for the cleansing impact to finish Hadros, but to Mortem’s surprise, Hadros survived thanks to the heal.That was when it got serious, charging with a resilient rampage, causing a huge wound on Mortem’s chest. Mortem seriously needed to heal, but it can’t. That was when it remembered it was the same speed as Hadros and ran away. With Hadros tailing it, Mortem knew it was only a matter of time until it gets tired and Hadros catches up. Just then, it spotted a stunned Refrenatem ( refer to JWA Boss Battles 1) and chomps it up. Now having eaten, Mortem got more energy and landed a critical fierce rampage which nearly takes out Hadros but, Hadros finished Mortem with a rampage. The End. Just kidding. Mortems, turns out was not dead. Living up to its name, Mortem learned to play dead. It got up and charged towards Hadros, landing another critical fierce rampage. Hadros tried to heal but the damage was too much and it exploded, with gore spilling everywhere.

Though this was not really accurate according to their in game health and damage, but do you think a Refrenatem would be just 300 health less than Ceramagnus? So the results are based on my statistics for them



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It ate the refrenantem which ceramagnus stunned right? Then it ran away

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Part 3 coming soon, which dinos do you want for the next battle

  • Hydra Boa
  • Gorgotrebax
  • Haast Maximus
  • Indominus boss
  • Smilonemys boss

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Voting ends at 1pm tomorrow

Time is ticking 30 min left

Part 3 coming soon, just a few difficulties

Part 3 is out

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