JWA Battles 4

A Stegodeus lumbered around in the forest. It had gotten separated from its group and was searching for, them but it caught sight of a bunch of juicy looking ferns and decided to postpone the search while it enjoyed the ferns. Unbeknownst to it, it had fallen right into a trap, an Erlidominus had been cloaked and waiting for unsuspecting prey to come. Seizing the opportunity, the Erlidominus rush forward and with its 4 metre claws, slashed Stegodeus.

Meanwhile, Carnotaurus was hunting when it heard sounds coming from somewhere. It went over to check it out. However, on the way, it saw a river in front of it and gave up finding what made those sounds, but suddenly,it felt teeth bite into its body. It kicked whatever bit it and when it turned around, it saw a Spinosaurus glaring at it.

At the same time, Stegodeus luckily, manage to use its tail and block Erilidominus claws from slashing it. Stegodeus then knocked Erlidominus to the ground with a swipe of its tail. It landed hard and coughed out blood. With fury, it got up and cloaked once more, but Stegodeus expected this and began swishing its tail everywhere, resilient rampage style. It hit Erlidominus’s leg which caused it to be vulnerable. It also made blood appear on Erlidominus, taking away its cloak. Without the element of surprise, Erlidominus’s slash dealt less attack. Coupled with the hard armor, Erlidominus’s damage only felt like a weak scratch. Things were looking bleak for Erlidominus.

At the riverbanks , Spinosaurus used all its might and caused a lethal wound to Carnotaurus, but Carnotaurus got the last laugh as it cleansed itself and attacked Spinosaurus with even more force. It knocked Spinosaurus into the water. Carnotaurus has trouble moving in the water but Spinosaurus does not and swins away.

Not far away, Erlidominus is losing the fight. It got multiple slash wounds and has only reduced Stegodeus’s health by 25%. However, Spinosaurus, suddenly appears out of the river nearby and sees the injured Erlidominus. Thinking it was an easy meal, Spinosaurus rushed forward to kill it, but Stegodeus with its walnut sized brain thought Spinosaurus was attacking it, and rushes towards Spinosaurus, using its armor to smash Spinosaurus ( short defense ). Spinosaurus recovered quickly and lethal wounds Stegodeus. It was the most effective damage dealt to Stegodeus so far, with it losing health every minute and it eventually died. Spinosaurus the turns its eye onto Erlidominus. Suddenly, Carnotaurus appears, it had caught up with spinosaurus but paid no attention to it. It was more interested with the Erlidominus. With both dinosaurs rushing towards it, Erlidominus was in hot water. However, it jump over Spinosaurus and as it soared through the air, it slashed Spinosaurus’s back. Spinosaurus roared in pained as it crashed in Carnotaurus’s horns, dying. Carnotaurus the charged towards Erlidominus. Too weak to fight, Erlidominus slashed on of its arms and threw it at Carnotaurus, piercing through Carnotaurus’s heart.

The first Battle Royale and shoutout to @Aadithya_Arun for suggesting this.




Part 5 a Carnotaurus hybrid comes to take revenge for Carnotaurus. Another Carnotaurus Hybrid challenges it can you guess who is fighting next

Scorpius Rex or indotaurus

  • Purutaurus
  • Scorpius Rex Gen 2
  • Scorpius Rex Gen 3
  • Indotaurus

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so the arm is gone and it died of blood loss

Yep but it is still the last one to die soooo, that makes it the winner

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