JWA Battles 5

The Moon can barely be seen under the cover of the tree canopy. This makes it perfect for predators to hunt. Purutaurus has been seen hunting. It spots a Carnotaurus swimming in a river. It knows that Carnotaurus can’t swim well so thinking Carnotaurus is easy prey, it pounces forward but instead of landing on Carnotaurus, it smashed into another creature that was hunting Carnotaurus. It gets up and sees it, Scorpius Rex. No, this creature is not black, it has shades of blue and yellow. This is Scorpius Rex Gen 3. An experimental subject built to be perfect for killing. Purutaurus was afraid but it was not going out without a fight. It charged forward and Scorpius Rex does the same. They lock horns but Purutaurus realized it was weaker than what the sole survivor of Scorpius Rex Gen 3 said. It was a juvenile. Taking advantage of this fact, it rams Scorpius Rex with all its might but Scorpius Rex flings its quills at It. The quills dig deep into its skin, causing it to bleed. The pain was so excruciating that Purutaurus lost consciousness ( Stun ). Not wasting another moment, Scorpius Rex rushes forward and lands a Cunning Rampage on it. That hit woke Purutaurus up and Purutaurus quickly countered with a rend, slashing a chunk of Scorpius Rex’s body away… That took the cake and Scorpius Rex did an Instant Ambush. Purutaurus tried hitting Scorpius Rex but it kept dodging and not a single hit landed hard enough to deal some real damage. Now with its critical chance increased, Scorpius Rex did another Cunning Rampage directly to Purutaurus’s head and killed it.

This battle was not close, Scorpius is strong and with no resistance to damage over time and stun, Purutaurus is dead meat




Sorry for not using Indotaurus, I needed more research done on it

Also sorry this is shorter than the rest, Scorpius Rex according to my research is more OP than you think, it could easily one shot KO purutaurus

No, not a problem. The story was nice, that’s all.

I loved it