JWA Battles 6

The ground starts shaking, the animals are running away, a head peaks out from the canopy of trees, the massive sauropod lets out a huge bellow. It is none other than Ardentismaxima. However, a Geminititan hears this and begins stomping towards it, nearly crushing a Grypolyth. Furious at this, Grypolyth chases after it but bumps into a Trykosaurus. The Trykosaurus roars, but Grypolyth does not back down, instead stuns Trykosaurus, at the same time, biting its legs. Trykosaurus tries to stand up but it can’t. Grypolyth leaves and continues chasing the Geminititan. However, Trykosaurus manages to bite Grypolyth’s tail and pull Grypolyth towards it. With fury, Trykosaurus bites down as hard as it could, Defense Shattering Rampage style, but Grypolyth, just before it died, healed itself. Seeing red, Grypolyth increases its attack and hardens its armor ( shield ).

Meanwhile the sauropods go head to head with each other. Ardentismaxima and Geminititans start stomping the ground, hoping to make the other fall. None of them fell, but the stomping caused earthquakes all around with all the dinosaurs running away from them. Since the stomping did not work, Ardentismaxima stood on two feet and began pushing Geminititan. Taking advantage of this, Geminititan used its tail and whipped Ardentismaxima. Ardentismaxima bellowed in pain as it fell to the ground. Geminititan then crushed Ardentismaxima with a Group Decelerating Rampage, but Ardentismaxima just in time set up an Instant Invincibility Taunt and blocked that attack.

At the same time, Trykosaurus, resisting all the pain, stood up and charged towards Grypolyth. Not able to move well on land, Grypolyth headed to the nearby river. Trykosaurus followed it but when it reached the riverbanks it backed off. Having carnivore DNA in it, Trykosaurus was smart and knew that following Grypolyth into the water would be a death wish. Grypolyth slowly swam away, but as it got closer to where Geminititan was, it could feel the earth thundering and as both sauropods stomped , the force of it made waves rush at Grypolyth, making it harder to swim. It was getting serious, the sauropods were causing the ground to shake so much that it caused the nearby Mount Sibo to erupt. The lava started to spew, but they kept fighting. However the mighty Trykosaurus went forward and bit Ardentismaxima in the neck while swinging its club directly into Geminititan’s face. Seeing this as an opportunity, Grypolyth rushes forward and kills Geminititans with a powerful bite. Trykosaurus then smacks Grypolyth’s head into the dirt andrips Ardentismaxima’s head off before running to safety as lava fills the island finishing Grypolyth.




I loved it!

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but the long necks

What about the long necks

they both died right

Yup they both died

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